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Testing WSPokService
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An array of Switching class is created
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A Web Part is based on an ASP.NET control and has properties that can be set by the developer. Compared to regular ASP.NET web controls, the Web Part has properties that are marked with special attributes that allow them to be editable in the web interface. Height and Width are good examples of such properties. You can set the default values of these properties and then the users can modify them using the web interface. The Web Part infrastructure and SharePoint contain the functionality to automatically create an interface for editing the Web Part properties and then save these values. This means that for simple properties you don t need to do anything other than mark the property as customizable. To understand how Web Parts properties can be customizable, let s start by building a Web Part for which you ll create a few customizable properties. You ll see how to add various attributes to control the customization scope, categorization, and storage of the property values. These properties will use the Web Part infrastructure and the automatically generated web interface for editing them. To make the Web Parts user friendly, you should specify default values, and I ll show you a few options for doing just that. You ll also investigate the problems that might occur with Web Part properties when you re using Visual Web Parts or when you re using your Web Parts as static Web Parts. To begin, let s use a custom Web Part that reads information from an RSS feed and presents it to the user. This RSS Web Part will initially have the following customizable properties:
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Now that you understand the basic organization of the view classes, you ll want to start populating views with subviews, and possibly even create your own custom view classes. To do that, you need to understand the Cocoa drawing environment and how a custom NSView objects works, which are described in the next few sections.
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Figure 3.1 The New Project dialog box in Visual Studio 2010 shows the available SharePoint 2010 templates and includes a brief description of the selected template.
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The final byte has a value of 0, not to be confused with the ASCII character '0'. The zero is what makes this string a C string. Every C string ends with a byte having a value of 0. The zero identifies the end of the string. Notice that the bytes in the string are numbered from 0 up to 13, instead of from 1 to 14. In effect, a string is an array of chars, and in C, arrays are zero-based. When you use a quoted string like "Hello, world!" in your code, the compiler creates the string for you. This type of string is called a string constant. When you use a string constant in your code, the detail work is done for you automatically. In this example
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6.4.3 Mapping tests to specific methods
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You can also use your finger to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to check out the links there, including these links in particular: Top Tens Genres
Looking for an Anchor="Left,Right" property It s not there. Instead, the editor removes the HorizontalAlignment and the Width properties and sets the right margin to 142. This works. (In fact, it works rather more smoothly than Windows Forms anchoring.) But it isn t remotely intuitive. You can figure out what s going on outside the editor, but it s tricky. And if you want to make your own changes, you ll likely do a lot of head-scratching and experimenting to get the settings right. There s another downside to this automatic Grid-panel behavior. When you start using the Grid as a grid when you ve added multiple rows and columns you almost always want items to take up all the space within their individual cells (or have a particular margin). Unfortunately, the editor is busy trying to figure out clever margins and spaces, so it s a bit trickier to use the Grid layout in the way it s intended.
The TextBlock enables you to control the overall flow of text through two nested elements. These elements, called Run and LineBreak, belong to the System.Windows.Documents namespace. Both elements derive from the Inline class and have built-in support for the font features we discussed in section 9.1.1. Listing 9.2 shows how these elements can be used.
Figure 1-14. Simpler linear interpolation. C is three quarters of the way between A and B.
Native cmdlets filtering criteria usually use * as a wildcard character, where WMI filtering uses the percent sign (%) don t confuse that percent sign for the ForEach-Object alias! This percent sign is enclosed within the value of GetWmiObject s -filter parameter, and it isn t an alias. Native objects often have similar capabilities to WMI ones, but the syntax may differ. Here, the ServiceController objects produced by Get-Service have a Stop() method; when I access those same services through the WMI Win32_Service class, the method name becomes StopService(). Native filtering often uses native comparison operators, such as -eq; WMI uses programming-style operators such as = or LIKE.
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SELECT OBJECT_DEFINITION ( OBJECT_id('sys.sp_MSrepl_helparticlecolumns') )
Today s enterprise reporting requirements are more complex and diverse than ever before. They present a new set of challenges, including Delivering a flexible solution that can grow with the evolving needs of the user Supporting multiple report providers to prevent vendor lock-in to a proprietary infrastructure or tool Facilitating the report management by centralizing the report configuration in one place Protecting the company data by integrating the report solution with existing enterprise security frameworks In many cases, the optimal approach to address the above needs is to implement a custom reporting framework. In this chapter we will show how the sample framework that we will build, the Adventure Works Enterprise Reporter, can help you to implement some of these requirements.
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