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If all of that is as clear as mud, don t worry; you can use the command as-is without needing to understand how it works. Once the right bits of the framework are loaded, you can use them, and that s done like this:
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Evaluating this expression changes the value of $a to 5. There are no real limits on what you can evaluate with Invoke-Expression. It can take any arbitrary piece of script code. Here s an example where we build up a string with several statements in it and execute it:
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REFERENCE MYPHOTOALBUM FROM THE MYPHOTOS PROJECT (continued) Action 9 Reference the MyPhotoAlbum project.
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Next, you can specify the location of your DTC log file. The default location is c:\windows\system32\MSDTC. You can also specify the total capacity of your log, which defaults to 4 MB. If you make a change to the log location or file size, you must restart the DTC in order for your settings to take effect. The Client Network Protocol Configuration section allows you to specify the protocol that you want clients to use to communicate with the DTC. The default is TCP/IP; if you have other protocols installed on your server, you also have the option to use them. The Service Control Status For MSDTC section is for stopping and starting the DTC on your server. This is equivalent to stopping and starting the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service from the Services Management console. This section also displays the date and time that the DTC was started either during a reboot or by an administrator using the Services console. The last two sections of this tab allow you to configure transactional security and tracing for the DTC. When you configure security, you can specify DTC permissions or change the DTC logon account. When you click the Security Configuration button, you will see the dialog box shown in figure 6.7. Here, you can specify which security functions are available to the DTC and change its logon account. The Security Settings section allows you to configure network DTC access. Once you enable this option (the default), you can also set up these options: Network Administration Allow/deny DTC administration over the network Network Transactions Allow/deny DTC transactions over the network
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of the phenomenon being monitored likely is not. This means that if the interval of checking is one hour, it may be that the phenomenon occurs and goes unnoticed for 59 minutes. Additionally, if more than one occurrence of the phenomenon occurs during the interval, only one instance is captured.
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CHAPTER 12: Categories
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Using the RS Catalog Explorer The RS team has provided a useful WinForm .NET-based application called the RS Catalog Explorer. You can find the RS Catalog Explorer sample application under the Samples folder, which by default is C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\ Reporting Services\Samples\Applications\RSExplorer. Just like its web-based counterpart, the Report Manager, the RS Catalog Explorer can be used as a report rendering and management tool. For example, figure 7.21 shows that we used the RS Catalog Explorer to navigate to the AWReporter folder and launch the Employee Sales Freeform with Chart report. 244
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Figure 5 13. Having to delete unwanted Strawberry.prototype.blueberry and Strawberry.prototype.freshLemonJuice members That s the good news. Now for the bad. Since Blueberry.prototype and Strawberry.prototype are the same object, there s no way to add, delete, or modify inherited members for Strawberry() without identically changing inherited embers for Blueberry(), and vice versa. To illustrate the point, try the following sample, verifying your work with Figure 5 14: var Berry = function() {} Berry.prototype = { heavyCream: [1, "cup", "Organic Valley"], halfHalf: [1, "cup", "Organic Valley"], sugar: [5/8, "cup"],
If you like using your Photos icon, you might want to place it in your Bottom Dock for easy access if it s not already there (see 5). To get started with photos, touch the Photos Icon.
CHAPTER 3: Audio Streaming: An Exploration into Core Audio
Mary in accounting is looking at some of her end-of-month reports and finds something out of the ordinary with a particular transaction type. Because her aggregated report shows very little detail, Mary is unable to resolve the problem with this particular transaction grouping. Bob works as a sales manager and has access to reports that show his monthly sales activity. He is interested in locating a list of customers who purchased bikes two years ago and also purchased accessories for their bike last year, and who have not made any accessory purchases this year. Unfortunately, Bob does not have a tool that enables him to filter his data in this manner. Information workers like Mary and Bob may often need information that does not show up in any of their canned reports. As developers, it is unlikely that we could design a set of reports to cover every situation and every business need. Information workers often need to make effective and timely decisions based on the business data. A common problem is that the data they need can only be found by mixing and matching multiple reports, or simply that the data cannot be found at all in any 215
Using User-Entered Text
CREATE THE PASSWORD SECTION OF THE ALBUMEDITDLG FORM Action 1 In the AlbumEditDlg.cs [Design] window, drag a CheckBox control from the Toolbox window onto the form.
This behavior is not obtained by the Association attribute and its properties. No reflection technique is used to infer the rows related to the Role entity object. Moreover, there is no check on foreign key constraint rules, such as deleting each related row in a cascade. The secret is in the EntitySet(Of T) constructor. We have provided two delegate functions
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