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16: Generics
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protected pointcut loggedOperations() : (execution(* *.*(..)) || execution(*.new(..))) && !within(IndentedLogging+); before() : loggedOperations() { Signature sig = thisJoinPointStaticPart.getSignature(); System.out.println("Entering [" + sig.getDeclaringType().getName() + "." + sig.getName() + "]"); } }
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assert type != null : "type to be removed must be specified"; // JPA QL String to remove all of the specified type"Removed: " + em.createQuery("DELETE FROM " + type.getSimpleName() + " o").executeUpdate() + " entities of type " + type); }
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Recall that the @PostConstruct, @PrePassivate, @PostActivate, and @PreDestroy annotations can be applied to bean methods to receive lifecycle callbacks. When applied to interceptor class methods, lifecycle callbacks work in exactly the same way. Lifecycle callbacks defined in an interceptor class are known as lifecycle callback interceptors or lifecycle callback listeners. When the target bean transitions lifecycles, annotated methods in the interceptor class are triggered. The following interceptor class logs when ActionBazaar beans allocate and release resources when beans instances are constructed and destroyed:
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Property names are left unadorned in target if/unless clauses. In other words, you can simply specify the property name with no ${ }. Only the existence of a property, regardless of value, is taken into consideration for if/unless.
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<html> <head> <link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='hello.css' /> Link to stylesheet <script type='text/javascript' src='hello.js'></script> Link to JavaScript </head> <body> <p id='hello'>hello</p> <div id='empty'></div> Empty element </body>
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Installing the ant-contrib tasks The ant-contrib project is available at At the time of writing, only the CPP tasks were available as a binary download, so be prepared to build the others yourself by pulling the ant-contrib project to your local system by using a CVS client and by using its own provided Ant build file to create a JAR file to use within your own projects. The build incorporates a <taskdef> usable properties file into its JAR, allowing all tasks to be defined with a single <taskdef>:
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flashes an LED when an SMS messages arrives in the inbox. We also looked at how to set an Alarm to cause an application to start or take some action in the future, including waking the system from sleep mode. Finally, we talked about how to trigger a Notification from an Alarm. Though the code presented in these simple examples gives you a taste of what can be done with notifications and alarms, both have broad applications limited only by your imagination. Now that you have an understanding of how to work with the Notification and Alarm classes, we re going to move on a discussion of graphics and animation. In chapter 9, you ll learn the basic methods of generating graphics in Android, how to create simple animations, and even how to work with OpenGL to generate stunning 3D graphics.
Listing 10.2 The retrievePrices method in RetrieveQuoteSpotlet
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In section 2.1.3, we discussed the XSLT process and saw how our product catalog document could be transformed into HTML via XSLT. Now we examine how that XSLT process can be invoked from your Java code via JAXP. For the sake of clarity and simplicity, we will use the I/O stream helper classes
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