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You set the initial game state to kStateStartGame. You ll see this used later in the touchesMoved method to show the picker when the user touches the screen. Next, you get the UDID of the device B and store it. The UDID of each device playing is used to determine who is the client and who is the server. Next, you call the method D that resets the ball position to the center of the screen. Don t worry about the last line, which sends the network packet we ll discuss it a little further in this section. Finally, you create a timer that runs the game loop every hundredth of a second C.
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Listing 18.3 Ant running Ant remotely, via <telnet>
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mind as we progress through this chapter, particularly if you re not used to languages working this way. I ll point out the ramifications as the chapter unfolds. We ll start with higher-level language features like classes and objects and work our way down into the trenches to examine loops and conditions. It goes without saying that you ll require an understanding of the material in the previous chapter, so if you skipped ahead to the juicy code stuff, please consider backtracking to at least read up on binds and sequences. I ve maintained a couple of conventions from the last chapter. First, source code is presented in small chunks that (unless otherwise stated) compile and run independently, with the console output presented in bold. Second, to avoid too much repetition I m continuing to incur the wrath of pedants by occasionally referring to the language variously as JavaFX Script (its proper name) or by the shorthand JavaFX or JFX. We have quite an exciting journey ahead, with a few twists and turns, so let s get going. We ll start by looking at the highest level of structure we can apply to our code: the package. 4 0 qr code generator free
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You re still referring to the register component to bind values and actions; you ll see that class in a moment. You bind the form values to the User object returned by register.getUser(). The currentUser is gone. You now have a conversation context and no longer need to use the HTTP session context (the previous implementation didn t work if the user tried to register two accounts in two browser windows at the same time). The register component now holds the state of the User that is bound to all form fields during the conversation. The outcome of the enterAccount() method forwards the user to the next page, the profile form. Note that you still rely on Hibernate Validator for input validation, called by Seam (<s:validateAll/>) in the Process Validations phase of the request. If input validation fails, the page is redisplayed.
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Listing 8.6
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[ action = detail ] [ machine = amaya ] service()
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class TraineeFirefighter : Firefighter { private bool hoseTrainedOnFire; protected override void TurnOnHose() { if (hoseTrainedOnFire) { // Call on the base implementation base.TurnOnHose(); } else { Console.WriteLine("There's water going everywhere!"); } } protected override void TrainHoseOnFire() { hoseTrainedOnFire = true; base.TrainHoseOnFire(); }
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drawAsPatternInRect: drawAtPoint:
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Listing 15.21
Listing 15.12 (continued)
3.5.2 SQL injection
public aspect JoinPointTraceAspect { private int _callDepth = -1; pointcut tracePoints() : !within(JoinPointTraceAspect); before() : tracePoints() { _callDepth++; print("Before", thisJoinPoint); } after() : tracePoints() { print("After", thisJoinPoint); _callDepth--; }
are a little difficult to explain, so we ll start off with an example. Suppose you have a many-to-many association between Events and Speakers. Speakers can belong to the same Event multiple times, so we can t use a Set. We also need to ensure fast and efficient access to the many-to-many table, event_speakers. We really need to be able to assign a primary key to the event_speakers table. This is where idbags come in. An idbag allows you to assign a primary key to a row in a many-tomany join table. Let s look at the mapping definition:
<xslReportBuildPlugin description="StyleCop Report" actionName="StyleCopBuildReport" xslFileName="xsl\StyleCopReport.xsl" />
Methods for broadcasting intents (continued) Method Description Broadcasts an Intent and gets a response back through the provided BroadcastReceiver. All receivers can append data that will be returned in the BroadcastReceiver. When you use this method, the receivers are called serially.
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