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The AndroidManifest.xml file requires careful attention before publication of your application. Let s look at a few items you need to keep in mind.
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before you check your software into the source code repository. What s important is that the dry run is performed on the integration server, so it s a true integration test that happens before you commit the code rather than after, as with CCNet. To use this feature, you must install the TeamCity add-in for Visual Studio. You can find it under the My Settings & Tools option on your local TeamCity web page (see figure 4.22). After a successful install, the TeamCity add-in integrates itself with Visual Studio. Open your Shared project, and look at the new Visual Studio menu item shown in figure 4.23. To use the pre-tested commit feature, run it from the TeamCity menu in Visual Studio. Select TeamCity > Login, and a login dialog box opens. Enter the URL of your TeamCity server and your TeamCity username and password and click OK. You ve now hooked Visual Studio to the TeamCity server. You must also configure the add-in to work with Subversion (see figure 4.24). You need to do this because the TeamCity add-in handles checking in code for you if the compile and tests are successful. Enable Subversion support, and point the plug-in to the SVN
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Classes are now free to implement either ICompressible or ILoggedCompressible, depending on whether they need the additional functionality. If a class does implement ILoggedCompressible, it must implement all the methods of both ILoggedCompressible and ICompressible. Objects of that type can be cast either to ILoggedCompressible or to ICompressible. Example 13-4 extends ICompressible to create ILoggedCompressible, and then casts the Document first to be of type IStorable and then to be of type ILoggedCompressible. Finally, the example casts the Document object to ICompressible. This last cast is safe because any object that implements ILoggedCompressible must also have implemented ICompressible (the former is a superset of the latter). This is the same logic that says you can cast any object of a derived type to an object of a base type (that is, if Student derives from Human, then all Students are Human, even though not all Humans are Students).
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Starting a Hibernate project
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Use the Builder pattern when The algorithm for creating parts is independent from the parts themselves. The object to be assembled might have different representations. You need fine control over the construction process.
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[Test] public void Should_update_product_price_successfully() { NavigateLink(LocalSiteMap.Nav.Products); Browser.Link(Find.ByText("Edit")).Click(); ForForm<ProductForm>() .WithTextBox(form => form.Price, 389.99m) .Save(); CurrentPageShouldBe( LocalSiteMap.Screen.Product.Index); }
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EntityManager.joinTransaction() is required to be invoked only when an EntityManager is created explicitly using an EntityManagerFactory. If
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Performance optimization is often a secondary consideration, not because it is unimportant, but because placing a primary consideration on it causes the design and implementation to carry baggage with a questionable value. However, adding performance improvements such as pooling and caching as an afterthought requires potentially massive changes to design and implementation. There is usually no satisfactory resolution to this dilemma using conventional solutions, that is. An AOP-based solution resolves a good part of this dilemma by offering a way to introduce performance optimization when you need it without requiring any system-wide changes. After reading this chapter, you know how AspectJ provides an easy, plug-andplay pooling and caching solution. By simply introducing a few prewritten aspects to the system, you ensure that your applications benefit from performance improvement, while the main logic of the application is completely oblivious to the fact that pooling or caching is taking place. Modifications to the pooling and caching policy are easy to implement and require only localized changes. Unlike conventional solutions, minimum change is required if you
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similarities and the differences between the two. The U.S. page uses a bit less formal language and expresses prices in USD. The British version is more formal and shows pricing in British pounds. However, they both use the identical data source and neither has any Java code in it.
var location = Sys.UI.DomElement.getLocation(element);
error CS1612: Cannot modify the return value of 'ArrayAndIndexer<CanChange>.this[int]' because it is not a variable
readOnly attribute on the <cacheModel> tag to true in an environment that is a read-write environment. Additionally, we set serialize to false to eliminate the
That was the mapped statement, and here is the code used to execute it (from a unit test):
protected void Timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e) { resultLabel.Text += DateTime.Now.ToString() + " <br/>"; }
// Button also derives from Control public class Button : Control { // constructor has no body because it simply calls // the base class constructor public Button( int top, int left) : base(top, left) { } // an overridden version (note keyword) because in the // derived method we change the behavior public override void DrawControl( ) { Console.WriteLine("Drawing a button at {0}, {1}\n", top, left); } // end Button
The transformation matrix elements in D are the result of the following multiplication: 1 0 0 0.5 0 1 0 0 595 595 1 595 0 0.5 0 0 0.5 0 0 0 = 0 0.5 0 1 297.5 297.5 1
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The image filenames are stored in a table named ITEM_IMAGE, the collection table. From the point of view of the database, this table is a separate entity, a separate table, but Hibernate hides this for you. The <key> element declares the foreign key column in the collection table that references the primary key ITEM_ID of the owning entity. The <element> tag declares this collection as a collection of value type instances in this case, of strings. A set can t contain duplicate elements, so the primary key of the ITEM_IMAGE collection table is a composite of both columns in the <set> declaration: ITEM_ID and FILENAME. You can see the schema in figure 6.1.
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