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Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(User.class); User exampleUser = new User(); exampleUser.setFirstname("John"); criteria.add( Example.create(exampleUser) ); criteria.add( Restrictions.isNotNull("") ); List result = criteria.list();
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In the example, the text box was given an empty string title (the first parameter) and initial contents of Hi Small World! . The third parameter specified the maximum number of characters that can be contained in the text box. The final parameter THE MIDP USER INTERFACE API 83
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CGLIB is a code generation library used by Hibernate. You can find out more about it at
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the user. Records from data sets are always tied to a data region. If your report includes data from multiple distinct data sources, each data source will link to exactly one report region, and all regions appear in the Body band. We ll use a List data region for this sample report. Go ahead and add the List control to the Body band on the report surface. You can now add other items either to the band surface itself, or to the List control surface. Items added to the List control are reprocessed for each record in the incoming data source. These items can be either controls from the toolbox, or database fields displayed in the Data Sources panel. Using the Activity table in the Data Sources panel, drag the FullName field to the List control surface. Figure 21-4 shows the display just after performing this drag operation.
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arthurTheTurtle.RunFor(0.0); // ... } catch (InvalidOperationException e) { Console.WriteLine("Error running turtle:"); Console.WriteLine(e.Message); } catch (Exception e1) { // Loop through the inner exceptions, printing their messages Exception current = e1; while (current != null)
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This method will create an animation sequence, filling in frames intermediate morphed images between each of the images in $im. Morph() can also be called by its name in lowercase.
Figure 21-8. Adding page headers and footers
If you want to fill out a form, you need to have an AcroFields object. You can get an instance of this object using the method getAcroFields(). Why do I get a DocumentException saying This AcroFields instance is readonly If you look closely at listings 6.18 and 6.19, you ll see that the getAcroFields() method exists in the PdfReader class as well as in the PdfStamper class. The AcroFields retrieved in listing 6.18 is read-only, and it will throw a DocumentException as soon as you try to fill out a field. You need to use the method with PdfStamper if you want to update the form.
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Hello World with Hibernate
Setting up the Android emulator launch configuration
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