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HTML/Web Pages
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Advanced WebKit and textual web apps
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Figure 3.9 Using pre- and post-build events, you can add simple command-line commands enriched with MSBuild variables.
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public partial class SampleWebPart : UserControl, IWebPart { string CatalogIconImageUrl { get { return "~/images/CatalogImage.png"; } set { return; } } string Description { get { return "This is the description."; } set { return; } } string Subtitle { get { return "Sub-Title."; } } string Title { get { return "Web Part Title"; } set { return; } } string TitleIconImageUrl { get { return "~/images/Globe.gif"; } set { return; } } string TitleUrl { get { return "~/Default.aspx"; } set { return; } } }
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<property name="connection.provider_class"> org.hibernate.connection.C3P0ConnectionProvider </property>
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private void GetNextChunk() { string baseUri = @"http://silverlightukstorage.blob.core.windows.net/"; string videoUri = baseUri+"podcasts/videopodcast01_"+nextRange+".wmv"; nextRange++; HttpWebRequest hwr = CreateHttpRequest(new Uri(videoUri), "GET", new TimeSpan(0, 0, 30)); hwr.BeginGetResponse(new AsyncCallback(webRequest_Callback), hwr); }
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message. By taking this responsibility, the JMS server guarantees that the message will never be lost. As the server metes out each persistent message to consumers, it keeps track of consumers that have actually received the message. The consumers help by acknowledging the receipt of each message. If the JMS server fails (or is restarted) while delivering messages, then upon recovery, the server will attempt to deliver all persistent messages that have yet to be acknowledged. Non-persistent messages, on the other hand, aren t stored on disk. Therefore, they aren t guaranteed to survive a JMS server failure or restart. As such, nonpersistent messages generally require fewer resources and can be delivered in less time than persistent messages. Higher levels of message throughput usually can be realized by using non-persistent messages at the expense of reliability. By default, a message producer marks all messages as being persistent. Each message sent will be stored on disk before it s delivered. With our OrderRequestSender, that step works to our advantage because we can t afford to lose OrderRequest messages if the JMS server fails or is restarted. Figure 6.5 illustrates the sequence of events in delivering a persistent OrderRequest message. Every OrderRequest message is guaranteed to be delivered once and only once to the OrderRequestReceiver. In contrast, ensuring that every OrderStatus message is received by its consumers may not be a requirement of our business. Instead, we may be able to deliver these messages once at most and avoid the overhead of guaranteed delivery. That is, it won t be the end of the world if one of these
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Table 16.4 also lists a few ways to write back to files, including simple ways to dump an NSData object or an NSString object to a file. There are also other ways. When you decide which set of methods you re most comfortable using, you should consult the appropriate class reference for additional details.
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Different EJB servers allow different levels of granularity for isolation levels, and some servers defer this responsibility to the database. Most EJB servers and EntityManager implementations control the isolation level through the resource access API (e.g., JDBC and JMS) and may allow different resources to have different isolation levels. However, they will generally require a consistent isolation level for access to the same resource within a single transaction. Consult your vendor s documentation to find out the level of control your server offers. Bean-managed transactions in session beans and message-driven beans, however, allow you to specify the transaction isolation level using the database s API. The JDBC API, for instance, provides a mechanism for specifying the isolation level of the database connection. For example:
The next update of the feedback application will take the region and rating data collected from each user (and stored using the new persistent Record class) and produce a pie chart and a bar graph from it. The first part of the new Feedback class is shown in listing 7.7. The code continues in listings 7.8 and 7.9.
public PdfPCell getDayCell(Calendar calendar, Locale locale) { Formats PdfPCell cell = new PdfPCell(); day cells cell.setCellEvent(cellBackground); if (isSunday(calendar) || isSpecialDay(calendar)) Formats cell.setCellEvent(roundRectangle); special day cells cell.setPadding(3); cell.setBorder(PdfPCell.NO_BORDER); Chunk chunk = new Chunk( String.format(locale, "%1$ta", calendar), small); chunk.setTextRise(8); Paragraph p = new Paragraph(chunk); p.add(new Chunk(new VerticalPositionMark())); p.add(new Chunk(String.format(locale, "%1$te", calendar), normal)); cell.addElement(p); return cell; }
This means that a quick glance will reveal all metadata for the bean in question, and we ll minimize poking through various files to get the full picture.
Understanding Ant integration
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