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Dbuild.compiler=jikes -listener org.apache.tools.ant.tools.listener.Log4jListener propertyfile my.properties.
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Listing 4.8 Spacing.java (continued)
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That said, in this chapter we ll look at how to gain the information pertaining to individual image pixels, and how to change these values. We ll start the slow way, by using the Perl interfaces of standard modules. Once we ve established how to do that, we will look at how it can be done much more quickly than with Perl alone.
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17: Delegates and Events
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The formula key for a map makes this column read-only, so it s never updated when you modify the map. A more common situation is a map in the middle of a ternary association. Ternary associations You may be a little bored by now, but we promise this is the last time we ll show another way to map the association between Category and Item. Let s summarize what you already know about this many-to-many association:
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Figure 1.7 Java EE container typically contains web and EJB containers and a persistence provider. The stateless session bean (Credit Check EJB) and stateful session bean (Cart EJB) are deployed and run in the EJB container. Entities (Customer and Catalog) are deployed and run within an EJB persistence provider and can be accessed by either web or EJB container components.
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Decimal Data Types
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catch (IOException e) { closeDocument(pd); throw new PDFExtractorException("unable to extract text" , e); } PDDocumentInformation info = pd.getDocumentInformation(); String author = info.getAuthor(); Grab the PDF String title = info.getTitle(); metadata String keywords = info.getKeywords(); String subject = info.getSubject();
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Use cases for the RepairCo application case study (continued) Using handheld device, user launches WAP browser. User enters URL or selects bookmark for application home page. System presents application menu. Diagnose Application Hardware Problem View Availability of Replacement Systems Order Replacement Parts View Common System Problems
@Stateless public class TrackOrderBean implements TrackOrder { @WebServiceRef(TrackDeliveryService.class) private TrackDeliverySEI deliveryService;
but it won t add items except to invalidate items when updates occur.
s is often the case with technical books such as this, the appendices contain various bits and pieces that wouldn t easily fit into any chapters without being in the way of textual flow, or in some cases simply don t belong in any specific part of the book. This is not to say that the material covered herein isn t useful; it is expected that many programmers will find the first appendix to be a very valuable resource. Appendix A contains a fairly complete reference for the Image::Magick module. This includes a summary of all the image attributes and all the methods available to the user of the module, as well as deeper explanations of some of the more esoteric features of Image::Magick. Appendix B contains some Perl implementations of algorithms to convert between RGB, HSV and HLS color spaces. The last appendix includes code for a few more modules in the Canvas::Polar namespace, as introduced in chapter 10.
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