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string myString = new string(new [] { 'H', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o', ' ', '"', 'w', 'o', 'r', 'l', 'd', '"' }); Console.WriteLine(myString);
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properly support the geocoder. Attempts to look up an address will result in a Service not Available exception. Geocoding does work properly on OS 2.2 devices. To work around this problem during development, you can use API level 7 for building and testing your app on the emulator. Geocoding concludes our look at the powerful location- and mapping-related components of the Android platform.
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private int[] retrievePrices(String symbol) { int[] dollars = null; try { RecordStore anRMS = RecordStore.openRecordStore("Quotes" , true); RecordFilter rf = new QuoteFilter(symbol); RecordEnumeration rEnum = anRMS.enumerateRecords(rf,null,false); if (rEnum.hasNextElement()) { byte[] rec = rEnum.nextRecord(); dollars = parsePrices(rec); } else dollars = null; rEnum.destroy(); anRMS.closeRecordStore(); } catch (RecordStoreFullException fullStore) { //handle a full record store problem } catch (RecordStoreNotFoundException notFoundException) { //handle store not found which should not happen with the //createIfNecessary } catch (RecordStoreException recordStoreException) { //handling record store problems } return dollars; } private int[] parsePrices(byte[] quoteRec) { String rec = new String(quoteRec); int dollar1Pos = rec.indexOf(';'); int cent1Pos = rec.indexOf(';',dollar1Pos+1); int dollar2Pos = rec.indexOf(';',cent1Pos + 1); if (dollar2Pos > 0) { //had a historical price int cent2Pos = rec.indexOf(';',dollar2Pos + 1); int currentDollars = Integer.parseInt(rec.substring(dollar1Pos + 1,cent1Pos)); int currentCents = Integer.parseInt(rec.substring(cent1Pos + 1,dollar2Pos)); int historicalDollars = Integer.parseInt(rec.substring(dollar2Pos + 1,cent2Pos)); int historicalCents = Integer.parseInt(rec.substring(cent2Pos + 1)); int[] returnPrices = {currentDollars, currentCents, historicalDollars, historicalCents}; return returnPrices; } else { //no previous historical price int currentDollars = Integer.parseInt(rec.substring(dollar1Pos + 1,cent1Pos)); int currentCents = Integer.parseInt(rec.substring(cent1Pos + 1)); int[] returnPrices = {currentDollars, currentCents}; return returnPrices; } } protected void startApp() { displayMngr = Display.getDisplay(this); displayEntryForm(); }
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Listing 15.28 ExtractPageContentArea.java
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The FXDButton class is the hub of the action, turning parts of the FXD scene graph into a button. It accepts an FXDNode object, a base ID, and an action function to run when the button is clicked. During initialization it locates the four required layer nodes inside the FXD structure and adds the necessary event code to make them function as a button. For example, a base ID of button1 extracts nodes with IDs of button1F, button1I, button1H, and button1C and then adds event handlers to the footprint node to control the visibility of the other three according to mouse events. (In the original Inkscape file the layers were labeled with IDs of jfx:button1F, jfx:button1I, etc.) The beauty of this scheme is that a designer can create whole UI scene graphs inside Inkscape, Photoshop, or Illustrator, and then a programmer can turn them into functional user interfaces without having to recompile the code each time the design is tweaked. This brings us perilously close to the Holy Grail of desktop software programming: no more tedious and inflexible reconstructions of a designer s artwork using UI widgets and fiddly layout code; designers draw what they want, and programmers breathe life directly into their art. I m certainly not suggesting that in the future every UI will be constructed this way. This technique suits UIs resembling interactive photos or animations, an informal style previously used only in video games and children s software but now becoming increasingly trendy with other types of software too. I expect most UIs will become a fusion of the formal and informal an audio production tool, for example, may have a main window looking just like a picture of a studio mixing desk, but secondary windows will still use familiar widgets (albeit styled). As JavaFX (and its supporting tool set) continues to grow, we can expect more and more animation and transition capabilities to be shifted away from the source code and exposed directly to the designer. While highly sophisticated UIs will probably always need to be developed predominantly by a programmer, the ultimate goal of JFX is to allow simple (bold, fun, colorful) UIs to be developed in design tools and then plugged into the application at runtime. Updating the UI becomes as simple as exporting a new FXD/FXZ file.
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This simple MDB does nothing more than log out the new status update it has received. The activation configuration properties denote that this listener is for a JMS Topic and that the topic can be found in JNDI at the destination property value.
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Although in this example these two classes are very similar, in a production program any number of disparate classes might subscribe to an event. All that remains is to create a Clock class, create the DisplayClock class, and tell it to subscribe to the event. You then will create a LogCurrentTime class and tell it to subscribe as well. Finally, you ll tell the Clock to run. All of this is shown in Example 17-2 (you ll need to press Ctrl-C to terminate this application).
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Two commonly used controls are <asp:TreeView /> and <asp:Calendar />. The TreeView nodes are postback links, but the visual aspect works just fine. The calendar relies heavily on the postback model for navigation, so it doesn t function in ASP.NET MVC except when viewing a single month. We still need tree views, and we still need calendars. With ASP.NET MVC, we ll tend to use more client-side UI functionality, such as that found in jQuery UI, which has a rich JavaScript calendar and more. We ve so far neglected the big daddy of ASP.NET server controls. Yes, we re talking about the GridView. The GridView is an interesting case, because it has so many different forms. At its simplest, the GridView is just an HTML table it s great for displaying tabular data. If we don t require any postback, then it should work, right It does, but there are a few gotchas along the way.
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Keep in mind the impact of changing a transaction attribute from RequiresNew to Required, as shown in this example. We investigated this effect in greater detail in chapter 6.
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As you ve seen throughout this book, lots of objects contain collections of other objects. Frequently, you ll want to take some action on every object in a collection, but you won t know how many there are. That s where the For Each loop comes in. In this case, the SiteMap has a collection called ChildNodes, which is a collection of SiteMapNode objects. You want to grab each node in order, extract the Title property, and add it to a label. Here s how the For Each loop breaks down:
A string is an ordered sequence of characters:
@Target(TYPE) @Retention(RUNTIME) public @interface LocalHome { Class value();
We ll now look at each of these steps in more depth.
What is a web service
Logical operators (and parentheses for grouping) are used to combine expressions:
Fa ade Pattern
Directives are Visual Basic statements but then again, they re not. The two key directives #Const and #If provide instructions to the compiler on how to handle a block of Visual Basic source code. (A third directive, #Region, helps to visually present source code within Visual Studio, but it has no impact on the compiler or the final compiled application.) By using directives, you can tell the compiler to include or exclude specific chunks of source code from the final project. So, they aren t really Visual Basic source code statements, but they are available only in Visual Basic. Why would you want to include or exclude code in an application Well, I can think of several good reasons, some of which involve the CIA and former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan. But the most common use is when you want to produce two different versions of your application, based on some condition. For example, you may sell an express version and a professional version of a product. Much of the code is identical for the two versions, but the professional version would include features not available in the express version. Also, the express version may include a simplified presentation for a feature that has a more complex usage in the professional edition.
To intercept an EJB callback, define a method within your interceptor class that is annotated with the callback in which you are interested. The return value of the method must be void because EJB callbacks have no return value. The method name can be anything and must not throw any checked exceptions (no throws clause). Invocation Context is the only parameter to this method. As with @AroundInvoke methods, callback interception is invoked in one big Java call stack. This means you must call Invocation Context.proceed() to complete the lifecycle event. When calling proceed(), the next interceptor class that has the same callback is invoked. If there are no other interceptors, then the callback method of the EJB s bean class is invoked, if one exists. If the EJB has no callback method, then proceed() is a no-op. Because there may be no callback method, InvocationContext.getMethod() always returns null.
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