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A proxy is useful if you need the Item only to create a reference, for example:
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The danger of creating tangled, unfathomable JavaScript code is relatively high, and as we scale up its use from simple web page tricks to Ajax applications, the reality of this can begin to bite. For this reason, I advocate the use of refactoring in Ajax more strongly than I do in Java or C#, the safe languages within whose communities design patterns have bloomed.
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Defines immutable version part C Defines mutable version part
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System exceptions represent unknown internal errors. The EJB container throws system exceptions when it encounters an internal application server failure. Business logic can throw system exceptions when it wants to abort the business process. Application exceptions are exceptions that are part of your business logic. They denote a strongly typed definition of a specific business problem or failure but do not necessarily abort or roll back the business process.
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The credit card number formats allowed are any of the following:
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Your solution in Visual Studio contains these two pieces of configuration in different files, both of which are found in the Azure Service project in your solution: Service definition file (ServiceDefinition.csdef) Service configuration file (ServiceConfiguration.cscfg) The service definition file defines what the roles and their communication endpoints are in your service. This includes public HTTP traffic for a website, or the endpoint
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Installing Visual Studio on the build server isn t always a good idea. Remember the CI rule that says the environment where the CI occurs needs to have as few dependencies as possible. Visual Studio is a big breach of this rule. Not to mention licensing: you ll need an extra license for this Visual Studio installation. But have no fear! There s a way to deal with it using WiX.
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GD::Graph does not provide any method to save an image, or to get image data to save. The plot() method instead returns a reference to a GD::Image object and leaves it up to the user to save the image data to a file. Alternatively, the gd() method can be used to get that same reference, any time after plot() has been called. Once that is accomplished, the GD::Image png()7 method can be called to save the image.
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Data: actions, preferences, and files
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Figure 19-5. The name-mirror program in Japanese
Facilitating bean lookup with a utility object
ignore case
This new web site can use the normal ASP.NET Web Site template rather than the ASP.NET AJAX-Enabled Web Site template. Although ASP.NET validation controls do much of their work client-side using JavaScript, they neither use nor depend on the AJAX libraries.
2.4 Creating value objects for your entity beans
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Message level integration to a remote system
<idbag name="images" lazy="true" table="ITEM_IMAGE" order-by="IMAGE_NAME asc"> <collection-id type="long" column="ITEM_IMAGE_ID"> <generator class="sequence"/> </collection-id> <key column="ITEM_ID"/> <composite-element class="Image"> <property name="name" column="IMAGE_NAME"/> <property name="filename" column="FILENAME" not-null="true"/> <property name="sizeX" column="SIZEX"/> <property name="sizeY" column="SIZEY"/> </composite-element> </idbag>
Listing 9.12 Cache model and mapped statement for hotProductsCache
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