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TFS 2010 uses Build Notification, which is installed along with Visual Studio 2010. You can start it from the Start menu. It resides in the Team Foundation Server Tools subfolder. After initial execution, it starts automatically when Windows starts, and displays this icon: . Double-click the icon, and configure Build Notification as shown in figure 5.17. From now on, TFS Build Notification will display changes to the chosen build definitions (see figure 5.18).
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Figure 1.7 Code tangling caused by multiple simultaneous implementations of various concerns. The figure shows how one module manages a part of multiple concerns.
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<property name="created" type="timestamp" column="CREATED" insert="false" update="false"/>
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Testing is probably the single most important activity in which a Java developer engages during a day of work. Testing determines the correctness of the system from a functional standpoint as well as from a performance and scalability perspective. Successfully executing tests means that all application components and layers interact correctly and work together smoothly and as specified. You can test and proof a software system many different ways. In the context of persistence and data management, you re naturally most interested in automated tests. In the following sections, you create many kinds of tests that you can run repeatedly to check the correct behavior of your application. First we look at different categories of tests. Functional, integration, and standalone unit testing all have a different goal and purpose, and you need to know when each strategy is appropriate. We then write tests and introduce the TestNG framework (http://www.testng.org). Finally, we consider stress and load testing and how you can find out whether your system will scale to a high number of concurrent transactions.
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8.3.4 Accessing the Session from the Service layer
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Figure 9.6 Upon opening a New Java file, an untitled1 editing window will open in the Jbed IDE. Enter the ObtainQuoteSpotlet code in the editor provided.
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binary classpath comments compact compile console crossref decimal destdir diag explicit Sets whether literals are treated as binary, rather than NetRexx types. [Boolean] Classpath used for NetRexx compilation. [String] Sets whether comments are passed through to the generated Java source. [Boolean] Sets whether error messages come out in compact or verbose format. [Boolean] Sets whether the NetRexx compiler should compile the generated Java code. [Boolean] Sets whether messages should be displayed. [Boolean] Sets whether variable cross-references are generated. [Boolean] Sets whether decimal arithmetic should be used for the NetRexx code. [Boolean] Destination directory into which the NetRexx source files should be copied and then compiled. [File] Sets whether diagnostic information about the compile is generated. [Boolean] Sets whether variables must be declared explicitly before use. [Boolean]
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Listing 4.17 AssociationDemoAspect.java: with perthis() association
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Image XObjects You ve already worked with image XObjects when you added Images to a Document. In figure 3.2, you saw that iText adds these images under the text objects for which you ve used document.add(). But what if you want to add an image on top of the text
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binmode STDOUT; print header(-type => 'image/png'); print $chart->plot($data)->png; }
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this.start(); }, ... };
public class MyNinjectModule : NinjectModule { public override void Load() { Bind<IMessageProvider>() .To<NinjectMessageProvider>(); } }
Although this chapter might have seemed like two disparate topics jammed together in one chapter to save space, at this point, you should understand how diagnostics, service management, and good service health instrumentation is important to running a healthy service in the cloud. We dug deep into the diagnostics API, showing how you collect all sorts of data from many different instances, and merge it all into one place to make it easy to analyze the result. Each data source has its own configuration mechanism and destination. You can tell each data source to transfer its data on a schedule, or you can force an on-demand transfer. The Azure platform also provides a rich service management API over REST. You can do almost anything over this API that you can do in the portal except for creating hosting and storage services. Although REST is awesome, some people will likely opt to use csmanage.exe, especially when they re automating deployment with a build system. Finally, we merged diagnostics and the service management API together to discuss how an auto-scaling feature might look, and why Microsoft doesn t provide one out of the box. You now have all of the tools you need to rock out in the cloud, scale your system up and down, and know for sure what s happening with your services. Remember that as you move to the cloud, you want to stop managing servers and start managing services.
Key features of JavaScript and their implications (continued) Feature Implications At runtime, code is stored as text and interpreted into machine instructions as the program runs, in contrast to precompiled languages such as Java, C, and C#. Users of your website can generally see the source code of your Ajax application. Furthermore, it allows for the possibility of code being generated dynamically by other code without resorting to special bytecode generators. A Java object s methods are tied to the object that owns them and can be invoked only via that object. JavaScript functions can be attached to objects so that they behave like methods, but they can also be invoked in other contexts and/or reattached to other objects at runtime. A Java, C++, or C# object has a defined type, with superclasses and virtual superclasses or interfaces. This strictly defines its functionality. Any JavaScript object is just an object, which is just an associative array in disguise. Prototypes can be used to emulate Java-style types in JavaScript, but the similarity is only skin deep.
Security is often a vague and amorphous topic in web application development. We rely on the web server to keep our application secure, and we rely on our programming platform. The rest sometimes seems theoretical and rare. In this chapter, we ll describe possible attacks and exactly what to do to prevent them by using two main approaches. The first is traditional management of authentication and authorization. Authentication is ensuring that the user has supplied the proper credentials to access the system. When a user logs in, usually by providing a username and password, he is authenticated. Authorization is making a decision about whether a given user has permission to do something with the system. When a user accesses a resource not available to other users, he has been specifically authorized to do so. The second approach we ll discuss involves common web attack vectors and technical vulnerabilities that allow attackers to bypass authentication or authorization.
Part 4 Mastering ASP.NET AJAX
case "AddPhoto" : point.Add(new Component <string> (parameter)); break; case "Remove" : point = point.Remove(parameter); break; case "Find" : point = album.Find(parameter); break; case "Display" : if (parameter==null) Console.WriteLine(album.Display(0)); else Console.WriteLine(archive.Display(0)); break; case "Archive" : archive = point.Share(parameter,archive); break; case "Retrieve" : point = archive.Share(parameter,album); break; case "Quit" : break; } } while (!command.Equals("Quit")); } } /*Output AddSet Home AddPhoto Dinner.jpg AddSet Pets AddPhoto Dog.jpg AddPhoto Cat.jpg Find Album AddSet Garden AddPhoto Spring.jpg AddPhoto Summer.jpg AddPhoto Flowers.jpg AddPhoto Trees.jpg Display Set Album length :2 --Set Home length :2 ----Dinner.jpg ----Set Pets length :2 ------Dog.jpg ------Cat.jpg --Set Garden length :4 ----Spring.jpg ----Summer.jpg ----Flowers.jpg ----Trees.jpg Find Pets Archive Pets Display Archive Set Archive length :1
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