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Figure 9.1 Input and output of the tools used for Hibernate development
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Listing 6.22 ConcatenateStamp.java
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var helper = new XSLTHelper ( 'phoneBook.xml', 'transformation.xsl' ); helper.loadView( 'someContainerId' );
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net.sf.hibernate.transaction.JTATransactionFactory delegates to JTA. This is the correct strategy for CMT, where connections are enlisted with JTA. Note that if a JTA transaction is already in progress when beginTransaction() is called, subsequent work takes place in the context of that transaction (otherwise a new JTA transaction is started).
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10.1.2 Organizing your directory structure
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Autom ating the build process
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RoleManager class 348 RoleRoot macro 143 roles 8, 62 and shared storage 16 configuring diagnostic agents 411 413 configuring from outside 415 configuring in Visual Studio 62 configuring runtime settings 98 101 creating 11 dbmanager 309 HSS Web App role 39 inter-role communication 344 345 loginmanager 308 modifying runtime settings 102 recycling 89 service definition file 59 virtual machine sizes 62 web roles 72 76 worker roles 14 Roles folder 34 rolling upgrades 66 automatic 66 manual 66 RootPath property 88, 354 routing logic 349, 352 row keys partitioning 251 RowKey property 244, 253 Ruby 139 rules 392, 395 396 Run method 147, 338 running web pages 12 runtime 351 changing configuration 61 runtime settings accessing 101 configuring 98 101 for ASP.NET applications 99 modifying in Azure portal 102 103 tweaking 104
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Object Created In Top-level document Top-level document IFrame IFrame
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import java.sql.*; import java.util.*; public class SimpleDBConnectionPool implements DBConnectionPool { List _pooledConnections = new ArrayList(); Holding pooled Map _connectionDescriptionMap = new HashMap();
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while ( true )
In the previous example, the login screen and login/logout code, you rely on standard JSF validators and your own code in the doLogin() method to validate user input. When a user submits the login form, JSF runs the declared validators (in login.xhtml) in the Process Validations phase. If the user enters a username and a password, validation is successful, and the login.doLogin() method executes. The given username and password are bound to the database query. User input is validated twice:
Listing 11.3 Hibernate implementation of our Account DAO interface
Incorrect usage AOP and AspectJ are not meant to patch design and implementation flaws. For example, if someone forgot to initialize a variable before using it, you could advise its field-access join point to initialize it first. However, the right thing to do is modify the core module to initialize that variable! Similarly, do not use the privileged aspect just because you can then access the implementation details of a class. Interaction of multiple aspects When multiple crosscutting concerns are implemented using separate aspects, they often affect the same join points in the system. For example, transaction management, authorization, and logging affect the same set of operations in the system. Understanding such interaction and coordinating it using aspect precedence requires you to consider global system requirements. The use of an IDE with AspectJ integration that
package org.ejb3.interceptors; import import import import import import java.lang.reflect.*; com.titan.annotations.JndiInjected; javax.ejb.*; javax.naming.*; javax.interceptor.*; javax.annotation.*;
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