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Analyzers: doors to flexibility
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(defrule minimum-balance (account (availBalance account-avail) (type savings)) (transaction-amount amount) (test (< account-avail amount)) => (throw (new banking.InsufficientBalanceException "Minimum balance condition not met")) )
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Phrase phrase; Chunk chunk; PdfAnnotation annotation; for (Movie movie : PojoFactory.getMovies(connection)) { phrase = new Phrase(movie.getMovieTitle()); chunk = new Chunk("\u00a0\u00a0"); annotation = PdfAnnotation.createFileAttachment( Creates file writer, null, movie.getMovieTitle(), null, attachment String.format(RESOURCE, movie.getImdb()), annotation String.format("img_%s.jpg", movie.getImdb())); annotation.put(PdfName.NAME, Defines name new PdfString("Paperclip")); for attachment chunk.setAnnotation(annotation); Adds annotation phrase.add(chunk); to existing page document.add(phrase); document.add(PojoToElementFactory.getDirectorList(movie)); document.add(PojoToElementFactory.getCountryList(movie)); }
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OK, with that done, we can now implement our EncryptString method. This takes the plain text string, the key, and the initialization vector, and returns us an encrypted string. Example 11-53 shows an implementation.
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<httpHandlers> ... <add verb="GET,HEAD,POST" path="*.asbx" type="System.Web.Script.Services.ScriptHandlerFactory, System.Web.Extensions, Version=1.0.61025.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35" validate="false"/> </httpHandlers>
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Hibernate inspects the @IdClass and singles out all the duplicate properties (by comparing name and type) as identifier properties and as part of the primary key. All primary key properties are annotated with @Id, and depending on the position of these elements (field or getter method), the entity defaults to field or property access. Note that this last strategy is also available in Hibernate XML mappings; however, it s somewhat obscure:
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Every once in a while, we ll see a miracle pattern solution posted to a J2EE patterns list, claiming to have solved the problem with separate remote and local interfaces. The posting designer usually outlines an elaborate interface hack that enables EJB developers to swap local and remote EJB interfaces without affecting the bean s implementation or the client code. Figure 3.3 shows the implementation of the pattern, which usually goes something like this: The developer creates a non-EJB business interface. The bean s local and remote EJB interfaces extend both the generic business interface as well as their respective interface from the EJB API. The developer codes the EJB client to the generic interface. After swapping out the local and remote versions of the EJB interfaces, the only task that remains is a simple tweaking of the deployment descriptor. Sounds good in theory but in practice, myriad semantic and design-related issues rear their ugly heads. You can read about many of these issues in the timeless paper from Sun Research called A Note on Distributed Computing (http:// research.sun.com/techrep/1994/abstract-29.html). The specification designers
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Bitter choices
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Figure 7.4 Using the Google SOAP API in a simple Ajax application to entirely frivolous ends. The user can try to enter a phrase that will return an estimated number of results from Google within the specified range.
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This adds the Button1 instance to the list of Controls managed by Form1. The Me keyword used throughout this code refers to the Form1 class itself, so Me.Button1 refers to the Button1 class member specifically in the current Form1 class. Most of the code in this file appears in the InitializeComponent member procedure:
Access modifiers are discussed later in this chapter. (Typically, your classes will use the keyword public as an access modifier.) The identifier is the name of the class that you provide. Typically, C# classes are named with nouns (Dog, Employee, ListBox). The naming convention (not required, but strongly encouraged) is to use Pascal notation. In Pascal notation, you don t use underbars or hyphens, but if the name has two words (Golden Retriever), you push the two words together, each word beginning with an uppercase letter (GoldenRetriever). As we mentioned earlier, inheritance is one of the pillars of object-oriented programming. The optional base class is key to inheritance, as we ll explain in 11. The member definitions that make up the class body are enclosed by open and closed curly braces ({}):
Transparent indexing
AspectJ Hello World
Title="Window1" Height="300" Width="300"> <Grid> <Rectangle Name="myRectangle" Width="100" Height="100"> <Rectangle.Fill> <SolidColorBrush x:Name="rectangleBrush" Color="Blue" /> </Rectangle.Fill> <Rectangle.Triggers> <EventTrigger RoutedEvent="Rectangle.Loaded"> <BeginStoryboard> <Storyboard> <ColorAnimation Storyboard.TargetName= "rectangleBrush" Storyboard.TargetProperty="Color" From="Blue" To="Red" Duration="0:0:10" AutoReverse="True" RepeatBehavior="Forever" /> </Storyboard> </BeginStoryboard> </EventTrigger> </Rectangle.Triggers> </Rectangle> </Grid> </Window>
A project for CI : leasing/ credit calculator
Exposing a web service to the client in ASP.NET AJAX is done with a few simple steps. The first step, which isn t required, is to include the B namespace for the script services in the framework. This serves as a shortcut so you don t have to fully qualify each attribute and type used from the library. Next, you must decorate the class for the service with the C ScriptService attribute, defined in the System.Web.Script.Services namespace. The service and its web methods are now ready for remote calls from the browser. Currently, the service contains only one method: D GetLocationCount, which returns the number of stores in a specified ZIP code. Because this is strictly demo code, we hard-coded a few examples and values in order to get results to experiment with.
Listing 10.4 The JavaScript code to output the positioned span
try { FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(productCatalogFile); catalog.marshal(fos); } catch (Exception e2) { // handle } finally { fos.close(); }
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