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Implement QR in Objective-C We ve split these main requirements up into six topics, which we ll cover in turn.

In this code, you re adding two style classes, watermarked and unwatermarked, that will be applied to the text in the example. Next, in Design view, go to OrderForm.aspx. Select the Customer Name Text Box,
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Earlier, you saw this kind of trivial select clause collapsing away to nothing. However, that doesn t happen here, because this is what s called a degenerate query it contains nothing but a trivial projection. (Example 8-2 was different, because it contained a where clause in addition to the trivial select.) LINQ never reduces a query down to nothing at all, so when faced with a degenerate query, it leaves the trivial select in place, even though it appears to have nothing to do. So Example 8-18 becomes a call to the Select LINQ operator method:
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Accepting input
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10.3.4 The UpdatePanelAnimation extender
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| 5: Branching
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System.out.println( messages.size() + " message(s) found" ); for (Object m : messages) { Message loadedMsg = (Message) m; System.out.println(loadedMsg.getText()); } newTx.commit(); newEm.close(); // Shutting down the application emf.close(); } }
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The GraphicsPath class lets you collect several of the more primitive drawing objects (such as lines and arcs, and even rectangles) into a single grouped unit. This full path can then be replayed onto a graphics surface as a macro.
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Employee pageMcConnell = null; transaction.begin(); // Start Tx 1 // Page has key 2 in the DB pageMcConnell = extendedEntityManager.find(Employee.class, 2L); transaction.commit(); // Tx 1 Ends transaction.begin(); // Start Tx 2 pageMcConnell.setName("Leo!"); // Change Page's name to his nickname extendedEntityManager.flush(); // Flush changes to the DB manually // pageMcConnell instance is to remain managed, and changes are flushed transaction.commit(); // End Tx 2
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Making use of third-party contributions
private long round(double price) { double rounded = Math.floor( price / ROUND ) * ROUND; if ( rounded != price ) rounded+= ROUND; //we round up return (long) rounded; } Padding
Listing 20.17 The CurrentPageShouldBe method
my $picture_index = Picture::Index->new(); $xml->parsefile($DATABASE); And generate all $picture_index->generate_output; HTML and images
public ActionResult Details(string urlKey) { var speaker = _repository.FindSpeakerByUrlKey(urlKey); return View(speaker); }
private String getCharset() { return CHARSET; } }
No parameters are set, because the statement is already complete, but one important thing to remember when using this technique is that it makes your application more susceptible to SQL injection attacks.
Data types
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