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Any log files that are captured are sent to a container in BLOB storage, not to a table. Each transfer results in one file in the container. A container hierarchy similar to what you would see on the real server is created for you by the diagnostic agent. Your IIS logs will be in a folder structure similar to what you re used to. If logs that you don t want to transfer are collected, you can set ScheduledTransferPeriod to 0. This setting disables the transfer of any data for that data source. We
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At this point, we can t be certain that we ve considered all possible attributes of an OrderRequest message. We ll keep the message simple for now. The OrderStatus message The second message we need, an OrderStatus message, is just an indication of an order s disposition. This type of message is broadcast to any application that has registered interest in the life cycle of orders. For example, the sales automation system might monitor the status of an order as it progresses through the system. This message is broadcast only after the legacy order fulfillment application has had an opportunity to process the order represented by an OrderRequest message. Imagine that a message of this type contains a unique identifier for an order, an order status code, and an optional text describing the order s status. Notice that the unique order identifier is actually a reference to the original order. We don t need to include all the details of the original order in an OrderStatus message because subscribers of this message type are generally only interested in the order s disposition. However, if a particular subscriber wants the details of the original order, the identifier can be used to query the shared order database. In other words, the OrderStatus message is designed for a specific type of
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Assuming that the ItemRow class has an appropriate constructor (you have to write that class), this query returns newly instantiated (transient) instances of ItemRow, as you can see in the next example:
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screen at appropriate times. Thus, we need methods such as displayForm() that exist outside of the Spotlet instance creation so that appropriate screen refreshes can occur without creating a whole new instance of the application. That is about all there is to do at this time, save a little work in preparation for future activity with regard to our Spotlet. You may recall in the development of the MIDlets, the application checked to insure a symbol name ended in X if the customer selected the investment type of fund. Mutual fund symbols are up to five letters in length, and a mutual fund symbol ends in the letter X . In MIDP, we produced an Alert if the customer inappropriately provided a symbol without an X at the end of the name but also pushed the Fund radio button. In KJava, an instance of Dialog will do the work of the Alert in the MIDP version of the application. To use Dialog boxes you need an owner. The Spotlets are going to serve as the owner for all Dialogs in the tutorial application. Therefore the ObtainQuoteSpotlet and RetrieveQuoteSpotlet must implement the DialogOwner interface. The new class declaration for ObtainQuoteSpotlet resembles the line below.
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} private void BuildHeaders( Builds header IEnumerable modelList, StringBuilder sb) row for CSV file { foreach (PropertyInfo property in modelList.GetType().GetElementType().GetProperties()) { sb.AppendFormat("{0},",property.Name); } sb.NewLine(); } private void BuildRows( IEnumerable modelList, StringBuilder sb) { foreach (object modelItem in modelList) { BuildRowData(modelList, modelItem, sb); sb.NewLine(); } }
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Adding content with PdfStamper Listing 6.13 StampText.java (continued)
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Open RootViewController.h, and modify the code to look like listing 7.5.
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The <parent> element maps a property of type User to the owning entity, in this example, the property is named user. We then call Address.getUser() to navigate in the other direction. A Hibernate component may own other components and even associations to other entities. This flexibility is the foundation of Hibernate s support for finegrained object models. (We ll discuss various component mappings in chapter 6.) However, there are two important limitations to classes mapped as components:
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Ant s homepage is located at http://ant.apache.org/. It s hosted by the Apache Software Foundation, which plays host to some of the most popular open-source projects, including Apache HTTP Server. There is a lot of useful information at this site, especially the excellent Ant User s Manual.2 To get Ant, click Binary Distributions from the left menu. Scroll down, and choose the current release of Ant in .zip, .tar.gz, or .tar.bz2 format. (At this time of this writing, the current version is 1.6.2.) Save the file right next to the Hibernate download.
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[Section0] Key1=abc Key2=def [Section1] Key1=ghi Key2=jkl [Section2] Key1=mno Key2=pqr
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The action method code for rendering the CsvActionResult is now clean and easy to understand, and the simple act of abstracting the logic and putting it into an action result allows for some reuse. It s now pretty trivial to add more CSV exports to the application because the logic is in an action result.
You use a join to combine data in two (or more) relations. For example, we might join the data in the ITEM and BID tables, as shown in figure 7.1. (Note that not all columns and possible rows are shown; hence the dotted lines.)
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Listing 2.7 Hibernate jboss-service.xml JMX deployment descriptor
<%@ Page Language="VB" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="Default.aspx.vb" EnableViewState="false" Inherits="_Default" %>
Nonvirtual by Default, but Not sealed
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