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IPHostEntry hostDnsEntry = Dns.GetHostEntry(""); IPAddress serverIp = hostDnsEntry.AddressList[0]; Socket daytimeSocket = new Socket( serverIp.AddressFamily, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp); daytimeSocket.Connect(serverIp, 13); string data; using (Stream timeServiceStream = new NetworkStream(daytimeSocket, true)) using (StreamReader timeServiceReader = new StreamReader(timeServiceStream)) {
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public void reindex() { FullTextSession session = SessionHolder.getFullTextSession(); session.purgeAll( Item.class ); session.flushToIndexes(); session.getSearchFactory().optimize( Item.class );
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OutputStream os = connection.openOutputStream(); DataOutputStream os = connection.openDataOutputStream();
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application isn t on the screen, before it s created, and after it s gone (prior to being shut down). Table 3.1 provides more information about the lifecycle phases and outlines the main high-level methods on the Activity class.
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EJB timers lack support for extremely flexible cron-type timers, blackout dates, workflow modeling for jobs, and so on. These advanced features are commonly available with external job schedulers.
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ExtendedInterface : OriginalInterface
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Example 15-9 rewrites Example 15-8 to use regular expressions and thus to solve the problem of searching for more than one type of delimiter.
Variables are not simply disposable cups; they are reusable. You can keep putting the same type of tea over and over into the teacup. A string variable teacup can hold a string for reuse over and over. For instance, in this block of code, response holds the various strings assigned to it:
CleanUpProgram( )
Figure 12.11 Viewing a job address in the Maps application
operations in an Account class. The specificity of the weaving rules determines the amount of coupling between the aspect and core logic once the weaving rules have been applied. The language used for specifying weaving rules could be a natural extension of that language or something entirely different. For example, an AOP implementation using Java as the base language might introduce new extensions that blend well with the core Java language, or it could use a separate XML-based language to express weaving rules. 1.6.2 The AOP language implementation The AOP language implementation performs two logical steps: It first combines the individual concerns using the weaving rules, and then it converts the resulting information into executable code. The process that combines the individual concerns according to the weaving rules is called weaving and the processor doing this job is called a weaver. Weaving Weaving is the process of composing the system from individual core modules by following the weaving rules. In essence, the weaving rules determine the final form of the system. The weaving rules are defined in aspects that are separate entities from the individual core modules. This separation makes it possible to change the woven system simply by providing alternative weaving rules in the aspects. One way to look at the implementation of the weaving specification is to compare it to event-based programming. In event-based programming, the system fires events to notify interested parties of important incidents and the system , responds to those events by executing appropriate action. In AOP the program is woven with logic to fire virtual events and respond to the events with an action that corresponds to the crosscutting concern it is implementing. The result is the effective weaving of those actions into the places that generated the events. Note, however, an important difference: Unlike event-based programming, there is no explicit creation and firing of events and as such you won t see any code related to them. The mere execution of a part of the program constitutes the virtual event generation. The weaver The weaver, the actual processor that does the weaving, can be implemented in various ways. A simple way is through source-to-source translation. Here, source
Working with custom type handlers
The duration attribute is the time it will take to do one full circle of the colors. The sequence sourceColors provides the hues to cycle through, and offset is the index to use as the first color. color is the output the current hue.
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