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You ll often see super used as part of an overridden method, where the child calls the parent s method before it executes its own behavior:
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You now have an empty database that has no content, not even a schema. Let s create the schema next. Exporting the database schema You can create the database schema by hand by writing SQL DDL with CREATE statements and executing this DDL on your database. Or (and this is much more convenient) you can let Hibernate take care of this and create a default schema for your application. The prerequisite in Hibernate for automatic generation of SQL DDL is always a Hibernate mapping metadata definition, either in XML mapping files or in Java source-code annotations. We assume that you ve designed and implemented your domain model classes and written mapping metadata in XML as you followed the previous sections. The tool used for schema generation is hbm2ddl; its class is org.hibernate. tool.hbm2ddl.SchemaExport, so it s also sometimes called SchemaExport. There are many ways to run this tool and create a schema:
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Configure ISAPI rewrite to add an .mvc extension to our URLs. Allow IIS to pass the request for the .mvc extension to ASP.NET. Configure our web application to remove .mvc extensions.
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Figure 20-2 shows how this looks. The four rows are fairly clear each button belongs to just one row. The columns are less obvious you can see all three clearly in the first row, because there s one button in each, but the next two rows contain just one button each, spanning all three rows. And the final row contains a single button in the second column.
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Figure 10.15 A parallel animation is used to play all the child animations simultaneously.
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Positioning: accelerometers and location
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{ string myString = "To be, or not to be: That is the " + "question: Whether 'tis nobler in " + "the mind to suffer the slings and " + "arrows of outrageous fortune, or to " + "take arms against a sea of troubles, " + "and by opposing end them "; char[] delimiters = {',', ':', ' '}; String[] theStringArray = myString.Split(delimiters); Array.Reverse(theStringArray); StringBuilder sBuilder = new StringBuilder( ); foreach (String subString in theStringArray) { sBuilder.AppendFormat("{0} ",subString); } Console.WriteLine(sBuilder); } static void Main( ) { Tester t = new Tester( ); t.Run( ); } } }
User newUser = new User(); Address shippingAddress = new Address(); newUser.setShippingAddress(shippingAddress);;
The last data access feature we ll look at is slightly different from the rest. So far, we ve seen how to write code that uses data in a program that can connect directly to a database. But WCF Data Services lets you present data over HTTP, making data access possible from code in some scenarios where direct connections are not possible. It defines a URI structure for identifying the data you d like to access, and the data itself can be represented in either JSON or the XML-based Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub). As the use of URIs, JSON, and XML suggests, WCF Data Services can be useful in web applications. Silverlight cannot access databases directly, but it can consume data via WCF Data Services. And the JSON support means that it s also relatively straightforward for script-based web user interfaces to use. WCF Data Services is designed to work in conjunction with the Entity Framework. You don t just present an entire database over HTTP that would be a security liability. Instead, you define an Entity Data Model, and you can then configure which entity types should be accessible over HTTP, and whether they are read-only or support other operations such as updates, inserts, or deletes. And you can add code to implement further restrictions based on authentication and whatever security policy you require. (Of course, this still gives you plenty of scope for creating a security liability. You need to think carefully about exactly what information you want to expose.) To show WCF Data Services in action, we ll need a web application, because it s an HTTP-based technology. If you create a new project in Visual Studio, you ll see a Visual C# Web category on the left, and the Empty ASP.NET Web Application template will suit our needs here. We need an Entity Data Model to define what information we d
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