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class="org.jboss.resource.adapter.jdbc.local.LocalTxDataSource"> <property name="jndiName">java:/HelloWorldDS</property> <!-- HSQLDB --> <property name="driverClass"> org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver </property> <property name="connectionURL"> jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost </property> <property name="userName">sa</property> <property <property <property <property name="minSize">0</property> name="maxSize">10</property> name="blockingTimeout">1000</property> name="idleTimeout">100000</property>
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This is yet another example of setting attributes for a Chunk. By creating a Chunk using an Image as the parameter, you can add the Image to other building blocks as if it were an ordinary chunk of text. The extra parameters in this Chunk constructor define an offset in the X and Y directions. The negative value in listing 2.29 causes the image to be added 15 pt below the baseline. You can also indicate whether the leading should be adapted to accommodate the image. If you don t set the final parameter to true, the image risks overlapping with the other text (if the height of the image is greater than the leading). This isn t a definitive overview of what you can do with images. You ve learned enough to change the properties of an image, but there s more to learn about the bits and bytes of specific image types (TIFF, animated GIF, and so on), about using java.awt.Image, and about using image masks. All of this will be covered in chapter 10; now it s time to round up what we ve covered in chapter 2.
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Hibernate is intended to be used in just about any architectural scenario imaginable (as long as the application is written in Java). It might run inside a servlet engine where you could use it with web application framework like Struts, WebWork or Tapestry or inside an EJB container, a Swing client, a lightweight container, or even a JMX server like JBoss. Each of these environments requires infrastructure to integrate Hibernate with the way requests, transactions, and database resources are managed. The Hibernate core provides optional components for certain common integration scenarios, including integration with JTA, JNDI-bound datasources, JMX, JCA, and the transaction managers of all popular application servers. In addition, some frameworks like Spring and Keel ship with built-in Hibernate support, and plugin support is available for others including Tapestry, Apache Avalon, and PicoContainer. JBoss Application Server features special support for Hibernate archive deployment and integration of Hibernate as a JMX-managed component. Even perhaps especially with all these options, it s often difficult to see exactly how Hibernate should be integrated into a particular Java-based architecture. Inevitably, you ll need to write infrastructural code to support your own application design. In this chapter, we ll describe some common Java architectures and show how Hibernate could be integrated into each scenario. However, we don t discuss integration with specific frameworks. We don t expect your application design to exactly match any of the scenarios we show, and we don t expect you to integrate Hibernate using exactly the code that we use. Rather, we ll demonstrate some common patterns and let you adapt them to your own tastes. For this reason, our examples are plain Java, using only the Java servlet and EJB APIs and no thirdparty frameworks. In the first section of this chapter, we ll discuss application layering and show how it affects your persistence-related code. In the second part, we ll return to the interesting topic of application transactions (chapter 5) and show practical examples of the various ways application transactions can be implemented with Hibernate. In the third section, we ll discuss special types of data (especially legacy data) and show how you can use Hibernate with these data types. We ll also create a Hibernate persistence Interceptor, which is useful in many special cases.
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When we want to add an RSS feed from the select element, we need to have some way to tell if it already has been added. One way to do this is to add a CSS class to the option element. Therefore, we need to add a check to verify that we have not added this RSS feed already. If the feed is new, we grab the value of the selected option and change the className to added. We execute the ContentLoader with the URL of the feed and also the function BuildXMLResults(). We can use the default error message of the ContentLoader if it encounters an error. Now that we have the ability to load a document from the selection list, we need to add RSS feeds to the selection list and also add the event handler to the button, shown in listing 13.15.
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Model Plain Java & EJB
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Firebug is a web tool shipped as an add-on to the Firefox browser. It can monitor HTTP traffic, inspect the DOM of a page, and debug JavaScript code. When run in the browser, Firebug lets you change the look and behavior of a web page in real time. You can install Firebug from the official website at, which also contains an online guide to the features provided by this web tool. Figure B.1 shows the Firebug homepage. Let s examine the installation procedure for Firebug before diving into a tour of its features.
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Listing 13.2 socketMessage() method
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Up until now, we ve discussed how to configure a performance counter data source and how to enable the trace listener in the web.config file. Now let s look briefly at the other data sources that are configured in similar ways.
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The ultimate build goal is to have unit tests run as often as possible. Yet running tests takes time time that developers need to spend developing. The <junit> task performs no dependency checking; it runs all specified tests each time the task is encountered. A common practice is to have a distribution target that does not depend on the testing target. This enables quick distribution builds and maintains a separate target that performs tests. There is certainly merit to this approach, but here is an alternative.
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Set the CSS attributes on the panels accordingly if (displaySidePanel) { this.container.Attributes.Add("class", "rz"); this.toolpanel.Attributes.Add("class", "lzv"); } else { this.container.Attributes.Add("class", "rzv"); this.toolpanel.Attributes.Add("class", "lz"); }
That s a slightly cryptic message. But the problem becomes clear when we think about what we just asked the compiler to do. The intent of this code:
There are a lot of useful features in the various System.Xml namespaces, and you can manage complex data in very effective ways. It s not always the most efficient way to manage data, but if you have structured hierarchical data, it may be the most direct and clearest method. Although XML lurks everywhere in the .NET Framework, and in all applications written using .NET, you could actually write large and interesting applications without
Index mapping of an entity class and its identity property Index mapping of properties (built-in bridge, indexing strategy) Using an analyzer
<class name="Category" table="CATEGORY"> ... <property name="name" column="CATEGORY_NAME"/> <many-to-one name="parentCategory" class="Category" column="PARENT_CATEGORY_ID" cascade="none"/> <set name="childCategories" table="CATEGORY" cascade="save-update" inverse="true"> <key column="PARENT_CATEGORY_ID"/> <one-to-many class="Category"/> </set> ... </class> Figure 12.2 Category class with associations to itself
Start/End Start Major accomplishments Major accomplishment Major accomplishment End
Public Class GeneratedClosureClass Public nameSuffix As String = "son" Public newLogic As Func(Of String, String) = _ Function(baseName As String) baseName & Me.nameSuffix End Class Private Function GetChildNamingLogic( ) As _ Func(Of String, String) Dim localClosure As New GeneratedClosureClass localClosure.nameSuffix = "son" Return localClosure.newLogic End Function
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