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As with all static fields, the initialization is not repeated, and therefore the second call on the Instance property, for s2, returns the same object reference. The Singleton pattern would also like to offer lazy instantiation i.e., that the object is not initialized until its first invocation.
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The participant pattern
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container.GetBlobReference("videopodcast01.wmv"); container.DownloadFile("videopodcast01.wmv");
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A mobile application often relies on server-side resources, and our field service application is no exception. This isn t a book on server-side development techniques, serverrelated code, and discussion, so we ll present these things briefly. We ll introduce the
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Building a background weather service
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Source Code Listings |
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Protected Friend Protected Friend variables combine all the features of Friend and Protected.
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Deploym ent and delivery
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$im->Transparent(color => color)
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Many times EJBs make use of other objects to encapsulate business functions as services to the bean. Encapsulating business logic allows many EJBs to reuse the business logic. However, as your application grows, you may find that your service classes have subclasses that provide specialized implementations of the business logic. As your EJBs start to use the specialized subclasses of the service classes, they become less portable and more dependent on outside classes.
You start off with the Window.Resources element; that s clear enough. The next line defines the Style element. As we mentioned before, the x is used to indicate the namespace for this application. Here, you re defining a Key as part of the namespace so that other elements can refer to it elsewhere in the form. We ve given the Key a value of btnStyle, to make it obvious what it s referring to, but just as you saw with dictionaries back in 14, a Key can be anything you like, as long as you can find it later. The TargetType property restricts the style to being applied to Button controls only; it s not strictly necessary, but if you defined a style specifically for Button controls, without using the TargetType property, and later tried to apply that style to a TextBox, you could cause an error, depending on the specific styles you defined. Once you ve opened the Style element, you can define some Setter elements. These, as the name implies, set properties of the target. In this case, the only change you re making to the Button control is to set the Opacity property to 0.5, so you provide the Property, and then the Value. You then close the Style element for the Button, and open one for the Label control, cleverly named lblStyle. This style has a few more properties than btnStyle does, but they re all pretty simple. The next step is to apply those styles to the individual controls. You do that within the element for each control, with the Style attribute:
Analyzing the code
Turns an SQL statement in UTF-8 format into a pointer to a prepared statement, which can be handed to other functions.
The Android platform
Listing 2.4 Using a client delegate to handle a DOM event
CMT 437, 447 448 CMTTransactionFactory 98, 448 collection, filtering with HQL 688 collection filters 688 collection wrapper 566 collections 241 with annotations 256 of components 251 implementation 241 interfaces 241 large 567 polymorphic 315 query expressions 638 CollectionStatistics 59 column constraints 368 369 command handler 722 Command pattern 718 719 command handler 722 executing commands 721 implementing commands 721 interfaces 719 variations 723 CommandException 720 CommandHandler 719 command-oriented API 539 CommentDAOHibernate 717 commit() 422, 436 comparator 249 comparison 636 compensation action 724 component methods protecting with EJB 3.0 interceptor 786 components back-pointer 186 collections of 251 unidirectional 185 components.xml 767, 813 composite keys 166, 171, 326 with annotations 330 with foreign keys 328 with key class 326 composite, foreign key to nonprimary key 335 CompositeUserType 222 implementation 228 in annotations 230 mapping 230 composition 184 bidirectional 186 unidirectional 186
This is complex markup overly complex for the simple display it s rendering. It includes common formatting rules, like applying the dollar sign to decimal values;
Regardless of the way persistent attributes are accessed, there are two possible ways to implement the detection of modified object state for dirty checking: interception and inspection.
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