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Connect Quick Response Code in Java Now, at last, we need to actually see our web service in action.

Creating a stateless session bean unit test
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Open source (GPL and LGPL) http://sarissa.sf.net
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Section 8.1.2 Section 8.1.2
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Listing 19.5 detectedges routine
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We d be willing to bet that this isn t what you expected. Comparing this to listing 12.7, you can see that the document scores actually dropped B, but the things we expected to change have changed in exactly the way we expected:
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Each <div> is a label or a form field, styled with the CSS class label or input. The JSF input text component that renders an HTML input field. The identifier is useful to bind it to error-message output, the size defines the visual size of the input field, and user input is required when this form is submitted. The most interesting part is the value binding of the input field to a backing bean (named itemEditor) and a getter/setter method pair (named getItemId()/setItemId()) on that backing bean. This is the data model this input field is bound to, and JSF synchronizes changes automatically. JSF also supports input validation and comes with a range of built-in validators. Here you declare that user input can t be negative (item identifiers are positive integers). The submit button of the form has an action binding to the method doSearch() of the backing bean named itemEditor. What happens after the action executes depends on the outcome of that method. This is how the page looks rendered in the browser (figure 17.1).
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You want to be able to control how the container manages the transactions of each of your EJBs.
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To use the sample 1 project, select the Programming Visual Basic 2008 entry within the Visual Basic project type, and then select 1 Sample from the Templates field (see Figure 1-10). Finally, click OK to create the new sample project.
Listing 18.7 AutoMapper initialization
At the time of this writing, the Spring framework developers released Spring 2.0 with support for the EJB 3 JPA. It shipped TopLink Essentials as the default persistence provider. It is worth mentioning that Spring is adding partial support directly for EJB 3 as a part of Pitchfork project (www.interface21.com/pitchfork). This will enable you to use EJB 3 annotations such as @Stateless, @Interceptors, and @Resource in Spring beans.
13.7 Limitations of SQL Azure
DateTime dateOfInterest = new DateTime (2009, 7, 12); CalendarEvent[] itemsOnDateOfInterest = Array.FindAll(events, e => e.StartTime.Date == dateOfInterest);
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