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This statement does not create an array with references to three Button objects. Instead, this creates the array myButtonArray with three null references. To use this array, you must first create and assign the Button objects for each reference in the array, using the Button class s constructor as usual. You can construct the objects in a loop that adds them one by one to the array, as you ll see later in this chapter.
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D Store each subproperty
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Description Renders the content in a new unnamed window without frames. Not documented, but behaves the same as _blank. Renders the content in the parent window or frameset of the window or frame with the hyperlink. If the child container is a window or top-level frame, it behaves the same as _self. Renders the content in the current frame or window with focus. This is the default value. Renders the content in the current full window without frames.
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... <h2>Editing item: #{itemEditor.itemId}</h2> <h:form> <span class="errors"><h:messages/></span> <div class="entry"> <div class="label">Name:</div> <div class="input"> <h:inputText required="true" size="25" value="#{}"> <f:validateLength minimum="5" maximum="255"/> </h:inputText> </div> </div> <div class="entry"> <div class="label">Description:</div> <div class="input"> <h:inputTextarea cols="40" rows="4" required="true" value="#{itemEditor.item.description}"> <f:validateLength minimum="10" maximum="4000"/> </h:inputTextarea> </div> </div> <div class="entry"> <div class="label">Initial price (USD):</div> <div class="input"> <h:inputText size="6" required="true" value="#{itemEditor.item.initialPrice}" > <f:converter converterId="javax.faces.BigDecimal"/> </h:inputText> </div> </div> <div class="entry"> <div class="label"> </div> <div class="input"> <h:commandButton value="Save" styleClass="button" action="#{itemEditor.doSave}"/> </div> </div> </h:form> ...
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<cacheModel id="PersonCache" type="MapCacheController" > <flushInterval hours="24"/> <flushOnExecute statement="updatePerson"/>
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Mapping class inheritance
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The first thing to do is to place an @Indexed annotation on the entity that will be searchable through Hibernate Search. In the previous section, you might have noticed that nowhere did we provide a list of indexed entities. Indeed, Hibernate Search gathers the list of indexed entities from the list of persistence entities marked with the @Indexed annotation, saving you the work of doing it manually. The index for the Item entity will be stored in a directory named com.manning.hsia.dvdstore.model.Item in the indexBase directory we configured previously. By default, the index name for a given entity is the fully qualified class name of the entity. The second (and last) mandatory thing to do is to add a @DocumentId on the entity s identity property. Hibernate Search uses this property to make the link between a database entry and an index entry. Hibernate Search will then know which entry (document in the Lucene jargon) to update in the index when an item object is changed. Likewise, when reading results from the index, Hibernate Search will know to which object (or database row) it relates. That s it for the necessary steps: Add @Indexed on the entity, and add @DocumentId on the identifier property. But of course, as it is, it wouldn t be really useful since none of the interesting properties are indexed.
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An IBOutlet provides a link to an Interface Builder created object. It s what you use to access that object s properties and methods. You won t see an IBAction until we get to chapter 14, where we ll deal with events and actions, but it s similar. You declare a method in your @interface, including IBAction as its return: .h file
Create a new WPF application called Presidential Browser. Up until now, you ve placed all your elements in the default Grid control that WPF provides. This time, though, you want two items in the grid the text block that says United States Presidents and the sideways ListBox of photographs, so you can make use of WPF s layout elements. In addition to the grid element, WPF provides a layout object called a stack panel. A stack panel lets you stack a set of objects one on top of (or next to) another set of objects. That turns out to be very useful for laying out your page. If you want a stack that is horizontal and vertical (essentially a table), that s what the grid element is for. A grid has columns and rows, both counting from zero. You ll create a simple grid of two rows and one column, and inside each row you ll place a stack panel. The top stack panel will hold the text, and the bottom stack panel will hold the ListBox that will, in turn, hold the photos. We ll break this down for you and take it one step at a time. To begin, set the width of the Window element to 330 and the height to 230. Next, give the grid some dimensions, by adding properties to the grid element. A width of 300 and a height of 190 should do it. Add the properties like this:
Starting a project
Refactored solution
12.7 Example: a banking system with a rule engine
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