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Do not use a WeakHashMap to store your results. To share IndexReader instances among different requests and allow polymorphic queries, Hibernate Search wraps the shared IndexReaders with a per-query IndexReader. The wrapper instance, which is passed to the filter instance, is discarded after the query and would be reclaimed too quickly by a weak reference. Instead, use either a soft-reference-based map or a regular map limited in size and coupled with a most-recently-used algorithm or a timeout algorithm. You can typically find such solutions in cache libraries such as JBoss Cache or EHCache.
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ASP.NET AJAX client components
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Migrating an existing project is harder than starting from scratch, as existing projects already have deliverables; JAR and Zip files, test reports, and deployment processes that need to be reimplemented in an Ant-based build. There are also the inevitable time pressure and fear of breaking something. This all makes people reluctant to change an existing process, even if it is hard work to use and extend. In fact, the more ugly and complex the build process is, the more scared people are of fixing it. This fear is unfounded: the uglier and more complex the build process is, the more it needs Ant. We have found that it usually doesn t take that long to move an existing project to Ant: that is, for a build file to compile, run, and archive an application. Extending that build file with tests and deployment does take effort, but that can be an ongoing project. One particularly troublesome migration was a complex project, comprising eight teams of four to ten engineers, spread across two continents, each with their own subproject. We used Ant to unify the build, providing an integrated build where none existed before and duplicating everyone s existing projects to run the unified build alongside their original build process. When the ease and benefits of being able to rebuild everyone s code in one go became obvious, the teams eventually began to adopt Ant themselves.1 If there were one suggestion we would make about migration, it would be do it after a deadline. There is almost always some slack time after a milestone to write a build file, or perhaps you can suggest an interim postmortem to see if any aspects of the project could be improved. Most likely, any project would benefit from more tests, automated testing, and automated deployment, so suggest Ant as the means of controlling these tasks. Next, we are going to look at the basic process for migrating from an IDE or Make to Ant.
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Native SQL queries
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Figure 6.10 shows how you can use Open Office to create an XML form document. Using the Form Controls toolbar, you can add different kinds of form fields. Figure 6.11 shows a Film Data Sheet. It has text fields for the title, director, year, and duration. It has check boxes for the locations, because one movie can be screened in different movie theaters during the film festival. Finally, it has radio buttons for the
Creating a table view controller
Dealing with slow builds Scaling the CI process Measuring the maturity of the CI process
Receives PreDestroy callback
Table 16.1 Data Alert Push data descriptions Description The text message that appears to users when they aren t running the application that received the notification. The number to display on the icon of the application receiving the notification. If you choose to omit this value, the badge number is set to 0 and isn t displayed.
This chapter covers
Match the Bridge Pattern Players with the .NET Framework Illustration
Unless you run this on a computer whose clock is incredibly inaccurate the body of that if statement is never going to run. Despite this, when you first call Foo, the .NET Framework will ensure that the assembly that contains SomeExternalType is loaded, if it hasn t already been. Life is significantly simpler for the JIT compiler (and it can therefore do its job faster) if it loads all the types and assemblies a method might use
We could have just set the BalanceDue field to $0.00, but this would not be properly globalized. Using the Format function with Currency as the formatting rule still results in $0.00 when used in America, but properly adjusts for other cultures as well. The RefreshPaymentFines method does a whole bunch of calculations, and ends up with the remaining patron balance in the totalBalance local variable. Locate the comment that reads, Show the total balance, and add the following code just after it.
The first items to notice in this NAnt script are the XML attribute values in the format ${}. These are NAnt properties, whose values were defined earlier through our bootstrapper file. When the CommonDeploy.bat file executes, the command-line switches set these property values with the appropriate environmental settings. Finally, the deploy target performs the actual deployment. A NAnt target is a named group of tasks, similar to a method in C#.
The syntax you prefer is mostly a matter of taste. A more complex example applies aliases to the aggregated and grouped properties, for ordering of the result:
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