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Name: Frilly Blue Shirt Description: A Frilly Blue Shirt
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.NET comes to our rescue again. It turns out that every type in the system is derived from Object. Every one value types (struct) and reference types (class) alike, even the built-in types such as Int32. It is easy to see how that would work for a class declaration in C#. If you don t specify a particular base class, you get Object by default. But what about a struct, or enum, or the built-in types; what happens if we try to talk to them through their Object base class
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If your array includes only a single dimension, you don t have to tell LBound or UBound which dimension you want to check.
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var entity = new ProductContext(); shirtToDelete = (from item in shirtContext.Products where item.PartitionKey == "Shirts" && item.RowKey == rowkey select item).First(); shirtContext.DeleteObject(entity); shirtContext.SaveChanges();
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Web frameworks: WebWork, Struts, and Tapestry
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Table 6.2 Before picking a message type, carefully consider if the data being exchanged fits neatly into the payload the message type was designed to carry. Message type
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If Facebook s normal login page were shown on the iPhone, it d be impossible to read and impossible to click on the login forms until you did a columnar zoom on the left-hand column. The iPhone page instead just shows you login widgets that are full sized on your screen. Although it s not shown, they re also perfectly sized to fill an iPhone screen if it s in landscape mode. The downside is that you lose all the extra information from the normal login page. To offset that deficit, the iPhone page gives users the option to hop over to the regular Facebook page, something that more sites should offer. On the whole, this special Facebook login is much more functional on the iPhone. Further, this type of redevelopment is easy to do, since it just requires recoding a simple form for iPhone usage. If you re clever, you could even do it without recoding the page: a simple viewport command with an initial-scale set to zoom in to the left column would have accomplished much the same job as Facebook s wholescale redevelopment.
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or, if you prefer the indirect syntax (which I do not):
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URL rewriting is a general term for the ability to intercept URL requests and transform them. For resource management, such as RSS links, URL rewriting can permanently redirect requests to the new RSS URL, while remaining transparent to the subscribers. In many ASP.NET websites, many URLs point to the same page. For example, all the following URLs resolve to the same page:
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We ll talk about cells and cell properties such as text alignment, spacing, and borders in the next section. First, let s take a look at the properties of the table: the width of the table and its columns, the spacing before and after the table, and the alignment of the table. The default width of a table is 80 percent of the available width. Let s do the math for the table created by listing 4.1. The width of the page is 595 pt minus the margins, which are 36 pt. Eighty percent of this width is (595 (2 * 36)) * 0.80, which amounts to 418.4 pt.
The JSON format is easy to understand, once you grasp the basic rules. At the core, an object is represented as in figure 12.6. Isn t the JSON representation more concise Sure, it might be a tad harder to read, but this is primarily for machines to consume, not humans. JSON documents will require fewer bytes to transmit than XML, leading to less strain on the server and faster download times for your users.
bobmcwRoundtrip.setPrimaryContact(null); // Return return null;
Solution to Exercise 11-4. Phones these days do a lot more than ring, as you know. Add a method to DigitalPhone called VoiceMail( ) that outputs the message You have a message. Press Play to retrieve. Now add a new class, DigitalCellPhone, that derives from DigitalPhone and implements a version of VoiceMail( ) that outputs the message You have a message. Call to retrieve. For this exercise, you ll need to derive DigitalCellPhone from DigitalPhone, which is a perfectly normal thing to do. As you ll see, you can even treat DigitalCellPhone polymorphically as a Telephone. For the VoiceMail( ) method, you ll need to add that method to DigitalPhone, and declare it virtual so that DigitalCellPhone can override it. You ll also need a DigitalCellPhone class that inherits from DigitalPhone. Note that DigitalCellPhone doesn t need its own Ring( ) method; it can just use the inherited method from DigitalPhone. When you test the classes down in Run( ), you ll find that if you declare DigitalCellPhone as a Telephone, you can use its Ring( ) method, but not VoiceMail( ). That s because Telephone doesn t have a VoiceMail( ) method. To use VoiceMail( ) polymorphically, you ll need to declare your DigitalCellPhone as a type DigitalPhone. One way to do it is shown in Example A-29.
Wow, also short and sweet. All this method has to do is create a request parameter and send our Ajax request. Since the Ajax-specific work has been factored out into another object, this is a single line of code. Recall that sendRequest() will create and send an XMLHttpRequest, then route the response back to our ajaxUpdate() method. So let s write that:
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