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int shared = 1; int increment() { synchronized(this) { int new = shared + 1; shared = new; return shared; } }
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public Long getActiveUserCount() { return activeUserCount; }
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Shows a catalog containing a single product. The product information includes its name, SKU number, description, and price. Note that the document contains multiple price and description nodes, each of which is specific to a locale. Classifying XML technologies There are numerous derivative XML standards and technologies currently under development. These are not specific to Java, or any other implementation
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Let s start by looking at the content streams of some PDF samples you ve created in previous parts of the book. A first step is to get the content of a page.
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Run the local build. Announce to the team you re integrating (for large changes). Pull down the latest version of the mainline. Merge any conflicts. Run the local build. If successful, commit the changes, providing a descriptive comment. Wait for the server build to be successful. If the build fails, drop everything and fix it.
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Transaction management
bcclist cclist encoding failonerror files from includefilenames mailhost mailport message messagefile messagemimetype subject tolist <bcc> <cc> <fileset> <from> <message> <to> Adds bcc address elements. [String] Adds cc address elements. [String] Allows the build writer to choose the preferred encoding method. [auto, mime, uu, plain] Indicates whether BuildExceptions should be passed back to the core. [Boolean] Adds a list of files to be attached. [String] Shorthand to set the from address element. [String] Sets Includefilenames attribute. [Boolean] Host. [String] Mail server port. [Integer] Shorthand method to set the message. [String] Shorthand method to set the message from a file. [File] Shorthand method to set type of the text message, text/plain by default, but text/html or text/xml is quite feasible. [String] Subject line of the email. [String] Adds to address elements. [String] Adds bcc address element. Adds cc address element. Adds a set of files (nested fileset attribute). [Fileset] Adds a from address element. Adds a message element. Adds a to address element.
ReaderProvider readerProvider = searchFactory.getReaderProvider(); Obtain a reader from IndexReader reader = a ReaderProvider readerProvider.openReader(orderProvider, clientProvider); try { //do read-only operations on the reader } finally { readerProvider.closeReader(reader); Close in a } finally block
// Set the access policy to block Channel2AccessPolicy.setChannel2Permitted(true);
10: Behavioral Patterns: Visitor, Interpreter, and Memento
Relational Operators |
Email widget showing the number of messages in an inbox or upcoming events in a calendar. PictureFrame widget showing a user-selected image from the gallery. News application widgets. The sample application from this chapter, SiteMonitor, demonstrates this pattern.
5.4.5 Thinking like an application: data-centric interactions
10: Behavioral Patterns: Visitor, Interpreter, and Memento
5.3.5 Lifecycle callback methods in the interceptor class
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