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blob.DownLoadByteArray(); } }
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In chapter 6 we discussed a web part named FavoritesWebPart which allowed users to add the URLs to their favorite websites and have them remembered.
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Exploring the Ajax server extensions
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The project we ll develop in this chapter demonstrates both uses.
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Listing 10.9 the base authentication aspect
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Probing for server availability The <condition> task can contain a few tests that probe to see whether remote systems are available. The <http> test can probe for a remote page on a local or remote web server. The test only succeeds if the server responds to the request with an HTTP status code below 400. Missing pages, error code 401, and access-denied pages, error code 403, both fail the test. With the condition we can test for local or remote web servers:
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Currently, when you run the application, all the advanced features appear, even though no administrator has supplied an ID or password. Calling UpdateDisplayForUser when the main form first appears solves that problem. Add the following code to the end of the MainForm_Load method.
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CATEGORY_ID <<PK>> <<FK>> ITEM_ID <<PK>> <<FK>> USERNAME <<PK>> DATE_ADDED <<PK>> barcode code 39
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From this list, we can see that the following would be valid statements in a Client wanting to put two tags on a photo:
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660 | Appendix G: Security: Secured School Example
tx.commit(); session.close(); }
Now that we ve looked at how BLOB storage handles the issues that arise in traditional on-premises solutions, it s worth looking at BLOB storage from a data management perspective.
Web parts are considered the building blocks of portal applications because of the way that users can add them to the web pages to customize those pages to meet their needs. Users typically browse a catalog of web parts to select the particular one they want to add to a page. There is no limit to the number of web parts that the catalog for a portal can contain. In fact, the more web parts a portal can offer via its catalog, the happier the users are with the possibilities available for customizing their pages. Personalization Modern portals offer a dazzling array of customization options. Users can customize portals to display a wide range of information and they can choose how this information appears on a web page. For example, a user could display the weather information
As you can see, several cascading options can be combined and applied to a particular association as a comma-separated list. Further note that delete-orphan isn t included in all. Cascading options are declared with annotations in two possible ways. First, all the association mapping annotations, @ManyToOne, @OneToOne, @OneToMany, and @ManyToMany, support a cascade attribute. The value of this attribute is a single or a list of javax.persistence.CascadeType values. For example, the XML illustrative mapping done with annotations looks like this:
readsDataToEndOfFile closeFile contentsAtPath: initWithContentsOfFile: writeToFile:atomically: stringWithContentsOfFile:encoding:error:
The Foobar Film Festival involves three movie theaters: Cinema Paradiso, Googolplex, and The Majestic. Any resemblance to theaters in movies, or to the favorite multiplex cinema in The Simpsons, is purely coincidental. In the examples that follow, you ll create a timetable that looks like figure 3.5.
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