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@interface helloworldxcAppDelegate : NSObject <UIApplicationDelegate> { UIWindow *window; }
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During the VWD installation, SQL Express was installed if you checked the appropriate checkbox. To ensure that you can make a connection to your new database, open VWD s Database Explorer window (click View Database Explorer), rightclick Data Connections, and choose Add Connection. You will get the dialog box shown in Figure A-4, asking you to choose your data source. Select Microsoft SQL Server, as shown in Figure A-4, and click Continue. The Add Connection dialog box shown in Figure A-5 will open. Either type in a server name, use the drop-down menu, or click Refresh to get all the available servers. Typically, however, your SQL Express installation will not appear in the list. If that is the case, just enter .\sqlexpress (that is, dot slash before the word sqlexpress ). Make sure the radio button Use Windows Authentication is chosen, and you should then be able to drop down the list of databases that come with your installation of SQL Express. Select one of those databases to connect to. Once you have selected a database to connect to, click the Test Connection button to verify that the connection is good. Click OK in the Add Connection dialog box.
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Fill in the fields: choose your server name, how you want to log in to the server (if in doubt, choose Windows Authentication), and the name of the database (for this example, Northwind). Be sure to click Test Connection to test the connection. When everything is working, click OK, as shown in Figure 21-5. After you click OK, the connection properties will be filled in for the Configure Data Source dialog. Review them, and if they are OK, click Next. On the next wizard page, name your connection (e.g., NorthWindConnectionString) if you want to save it to your web.config file. When you click Next, you ll have the opportunity to specify the tables and columns you want to retrieve, or to specify a custom SQL statement or stored procedure for retrieving the data. Open the Table list, and scroll down to Shippers. Select the ShipperID and CompanyName fields, as shown in Figure 21-6.
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(Notice that the convenience method addChildCategory() sets both ends of the association link in one call, as described earlier in the book.) It would be undesirable to have to save each of the three new categories individually in a new Session. Fortunately, because you mapped the childCategories association (the collection) with cascade="save-update", you don t need to. The same code shown earlier, which saved the single Laptops category, will save all three new categories in a new Session:
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function onPageLoaded(sender, args){ var details = new Sys.StringBuilder(); details.append(displayPanels("Created", Panels args.get_panelsCreated())); created details.append(" - "); details.append(displayPanels("Updated", args.get_panelsUpdated())); var row = createEventRow("pageLoaded", details.toString()); $get('clientEvents').appendChild(row); }
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Useful portal customizations
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Compresses a file with the BZIP2 algorithm.
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10.5 Authorization: the conventional way
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The Amaya web service
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Understanding Lucene s query syntax
@Entity @Indexed @Analyzer(impl=StandardAnalyzer.class) @AnalyzerDef(name="synonyms", ...) public class Item { ... @Field private String title;
Table 14.5
Object-oriented database systems
Table 17.2
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