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Securing application components
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The client calls the endAuction() method and passes back the detached item instance this is the same instance returned in the first step. The update() operation on the Session reattaches the detached object to the persistence context and schedules an SQL UDPATE. Hibernate must assume that the client modified the object while it was detached. (Otherwise, if you re certain that it hasn t been modified, a lock() would be sufficient.) The persistence context is flushed automatically when the second transaction in the conversation commits, and any modifications to the once detached and now persistent object are synchronized with the database. The saveOrUpdate() method is in practice more useful than upate(), save(), or lock(): In complex conversations, you don t know if the item is in detached state or if it s new and transient and must be saved. The automatic state-detection provided by saveOrUpdate() becomes even more useful when you not only work with single instances, but also want to reattach or persist a network of connected objects and apply cascading options. Also reread the definition of the merge() operation and when to use merging instead of reattachment: Merging the state of a detached object in chapter 9, section 9.3.2. So far, you ve solved only one of the conversation implementation problems: little code was required to implement the conversation. However, the application user still expects that the unit of work is not only isolated from concurrent modifications, but also atomic. You isolate concurrent conversations with optimistic locking. As a rule, you shouldn t apply a pessimistic concurrency-control strategy that spans a long-running conversation this implies expensive and nonscalable locking. In other words, you don t prevent two operators from seeing the same auction item. You hope that this happens rarely: You re optimistic. But if it happens, you have a conflict resolution strategy in place. You need to enable Hibernate s automatic versioning for the Item persistent class, as you did in Enabling versioning in Hibernate in chapter 10, section 10.2.2. Then, every SQL UPDATE or DELETE at any time during the conversation will include a version check against the state present in the database. You get a StaleObjectStateException if this check fails and then have to take appropriate action. In this case, you present an error message to
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#!/usr/bin/perl -wT use strict; use CGI qw(:standard); use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser); use GD::Graph::mixed; use GD::Graph::Data;
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Retrieving objects efficiently
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* Reference to the fire department from an unauthenticated user. * If we use this EJB to declare an emergency, anyone may close * the school. */ @EJB private FireDepartmentLocalBusiness fireDepartment; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Tests -------------------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Ensures that an unauthenticated user cannot open the front door */ @Test(expected = EJBAccessException.class) public void unauthenticatedUserCannotOpenFrontDoor() throws NamingException { // Try to open the front door before we've authenticated; should fail unauthenticatedSchool.openFrontDoor();
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Unlike Canvas, Quartz supports drawing words on top of your pictures. The functions required are intricate, though, and we generally suggest using UILabel or other UIKit objects and placing them on top of your Quartz objects. But if you need words in Quartz (either because you re interweaving the words with other Quartz content or because you re adding words to a picture), you ll need to use the CGContext text options. The majority of the text-related functions modify the graphical state, as described in table 13.13. The last two functions in the table draw your text.
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You will now find a file named build.results in your working directory, containing all logging messages created by Ant as it evaluated the run target.
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Listing 10.5 shows how the same filtering logic can be used to filter and deploy the same hibernate.cfg.xml file for multiple environments. Using this technique allows you to run your tests against any database that you need to.
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code bases. The color bitmap is accessed row by row. Each color pixel is converted to a gray pixel. Pointer arithmetic I aids in the navigation through the pixel memory buffer. When the images have been completely processed, the pixels are unlocked J. When the converttogray function is complete, the calling Java code now has a grayscale version of the color image. The Java code to call this C code is shown later in this chapter; first let s look at the routine that detects the edges, shown in the following listing. Only the new features are discussed, as there s a great deal of similarity between the converttogray and detectedges routines.
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Hibernating with XDoclet
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Note that you need to use the f suffix on the float values. It s not strictly necessary on the 4 in the surface area calculation, but it s crucial in the volume calculation. Remember that (4/3) is 1.33333 in floating-point division, but it s just 1 in integer division. The ternary operator isn t difficult; just compare the two values and assign the larger one to a variable, which you can then output. (We do know that the surface area is in square units, and the volume is in cubic units, so you can t really compare the two numbers, but we ll overlook that for the purpose of this exercise.) One solution is shown in Example A-8.
Full sources for the GIMP are available from
The innovative XDoclet project has brought the notion of attribute-oriented programming to Java. Until JDK 1.5, the Java language had no support for annotations; so XDoclet leverages the Javadoc tag format (@attribute) to specify class-, field-, or method-level metadata attributes. (There is a book about XDoclet from Manning Publications: XDoclet in Action [Walls/Richards, 2004].) XDoclet is implemented as an Ant task that generates code or XML metadata as part of the build process. Creating the Hibernate XML mapping document with XDoclet is straightforward; instead of writing it by hand, we mark up the Java source code of our persistent class with custom Javadoc tags, as shown in listing 3.6.
10.4 Performance tips
A.GPS. See Assisted GPS AAC. See Advanced Audio Coding ABAddressBook 171 ABAddressBookCopyArrayOfAllPeople 174 ABAddressBookCreate 174 ABCreateMutableCopy 172 ABGroup 171 ABMultiValue 171 ABMultiValueCopyLabelAtIndex 172 ABMultiValueCopyValueAtIndex 172 ABMultiValueGetCount 172 ABMultiValueReplaceLabelAtIndex 172 ABMutableMultiValue 171 ABNewPersonViewController 171, 175, 178 ABPeoplePickerNavigationController 171, 175 177 ABPerson 171, 174 ABPersonViewController 171, 175, 179 ABRecord 171 ABRecordCopyCompositeName 174 ABRecordCopyValue 172, 174 ABRecordRef 178 ABRecordSetValue 172 ABUnknownPersonViewController 171, 175, 179 acceleration data, reading 192 193 data, receiving with UIAccelerometer 190 191 gestures 194 197 Accelerometer 192 accelerometer 9 filtering data 192 force, measuring 191 gestures and 197 199 gravity, measuring 191 194
Now you can see the effects of keyword spamming! Increasing the frequency of the term truck in D2 actually caused the document s score to decrease. Let s look at a graphical representation of this in figure 12.2. This should also help you to understand what we meant by figure 12.1.
Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load Me.Master.PageSubTitle.Text = "Error" End Sub
Data replication
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