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You can now use this middlegen task in whatever target you like and start the Middlegen GUI:
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JavaFX Script s conditions look and behave in a not-too-dissimilar fashion to the conditions of other languages, Java included. However, JavaFX Script s expression-based syntax affords some interesting twists.
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Notice that this example defines an XML namespace prefix, app, and tells the Xaml compiler that this refers to types in the SlUcExample namespace the default project namespace for this particular example. This time we don t need the assembly= part because the user controls are defined as part of this project, not in a separate DLL. This prefix then refers to three user controls which would be defined elsewhere in the project. Defining the user controls themselves is simple. You can add them as new items to your project in Visual Studio, and it will create a Xaml file with a corresponding code behind file, which you edit in exactly the same way as the main UI.
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The Contract: Business Interfaces
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We ve seen plenty of function declarations like this before, but we ll quickly recap its anatomy. This one returns a bool to indicate whether we re safe ( true) or not (false). In its parameter list, we have the references to the two Plane objects, and a double for the margin of error (in miles).
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xslFileName="xsl\timing.xsl" />
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Since we ve been using Sets in most of our examples, we don t need to spend much time with them here. In short, Sets in Hibernate retain the semantics of the Java interface: Sets are a collection of unique objects. A Set cannot contain duplicate elements, and Sets do not require an <index> element, since they are unordered.
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Because NetBeans is Sun s own IDE, its plug-in support for JavaFX is guaranteed and likely to be one step ahead of its rivals. By all means investigate the various options (talk to fellow programmers to see which IDE they recommend), but if you re still uncertain, download NetBeans it s by far the safest option.
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D Properties used
Constraints set limitations on data to avoid data conflicts and errors. SQL is a language commonly used to access and manipulate databases. The fundamental operation in SQL is the query. Defining filters with a query allows you to retrieve specific subsets of information. Using a join in a query allows you to retrieve data based on membership in more than one table. In C#, the DataSet object represents a subset of data retrieved from the database. The DataSet object contains a collection called Tables, which in turn contains DataTable objects. The DataTable object contains a collection called Columns, which contains DataColumn objects, and a collection called Rows, which contains DataRow objects. The Rows collection allows you to examine the results of your query, usually by iterating over the collection with a loop. The DataAdapter is a class that forms a bridge between the database and the DataSet class, using a connection string and a query string. The DataAdapter can then be used to populate the DataSet object using the Fill( ) method. As we said at the beginning of this chapter, data access is a complex topic, and this chapter just scratches the surface of it. There s plenty more to explore, beyond the simple SQL commands we showed you here. The remarkable thing about the SQL you learned in this chapter is that it opens up a different way of thinking about data access using a query to extract and filter just the data you want. Once you get the hang of thinking in queries, it s pretty simple. It s a methodology that could be applied outside the database, to other kinds of data objects. In fact, it has been it s called LINQ, it s new to C# 3.0, and it s the subject of the final chapter.
Table 4.1 The drawing primitives for the GD module which are available to the user of the module to create images. All of these methods should be called on a GD::Image object. setPixel(x,y,color) line(x1,y1,x2,y2,color) dashedLine(x1,y1,x2,y2,color) rectangle(x1,y1,x2,y2,color) filledRectangle(x1,y1,x2,y2,color) polygon(poly,color) filledPolygon(poly,color) arc(cx,cy,w,h,st,end,color) fill(x,y,color) fillToBorder(x,y,bcolor,color) setBrush(brush) setStyle(color-list) set the color of the pixel at the specified coordinates draw a solid line between the specified points draw a dashed line between the specified points draw a rectangle with the specified corners draw a filled rectangle with the specified corners draw the polygon specified by poly, which is a polygon object created with GD::Polygon::new() draw the filled polygon specified by poly draw an arc with the specified center, width and height, and start and end angle flood-fill all pixels with the same color around the specified point flood-fill all pixels around the specified point, until a pixel with the specified bcolor is encountered Set the brush to be used to the specified brush, which is another GD::Image object Set the line style to the specified color list. Each element of the list represents a single pixel on the line to be drawn.
JAX-WS also provides a few more annotations for advanced customization, as well as some additional client APIs for invoking services dynamically and supporting some of the latest WS-* specifications. However, this book does not expand on those topics because they would detract from our focus building Enterprise Java Beans. For more information on them, please see the relevant specifications.
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