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Hibernate inserts a row into the USERS table and a row into the ADDRESS table. But wait, this doesn t work! How can Hibernate possibly know that the record in the ADDRESS table needs to get the same primary key value as the USERS row At the beginning of this section, we intentionally didn t show you any primary-key generator in the mapping of Address. You need to enable a special identifier generator. The foreign identifier generator If an Address instance is saved, it needs to get the primary key value of a User object. You can t enable a regular identifier generator, let s say a database sequence. The special foreign identifier generator for Address has to know where to get the right primary key value. The first step to create this identifier binding between Address and User is a bidirectional association. Add a new user property to the Address entity:
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XML web publishing frameworks
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Dim cellMakeFlag As TableCell = e.Row.Cells(4)
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A custom XML file included in res/xml
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As with the interface, the implementation code begins with a directive and ends with @end. In between, you describe what the method does B, which includes sending a message to the Apple class object.
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And, last but not least, a final piece of XML is shown in the following listing to describe the synchronization service s capabilities.
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13.2 Setting up SQL Azure
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7.5.1 Dynamic queries
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Every change of the position of the bind parameters requires a change to the parameter-binding code. This leads to fragile and maintenance-intensive code. We recommend that you avoid positional parameters. Last, a named parameter may appear multiple times in the query string:
Test Your Knowledge: Exercises
Console.WriteLine("counterVariable: {0}", counterVariable); // increment the counter counterVariable++; if (counterVariable < 10) { goto repeat; // the dastardly deed } } } }
Windows Azure provides the ability to store binary files (BLOBs) in a storage area known as BLOB storage.
When we first turned over our catalog service to our customer, we watched as they poked and prodded, and we noticed that they grew weary of manually hitting the web page to assess performance. A couple times, they had to redo tests because the manual process wasn t followed consistently. Clearly, we need a more efficient and less error-prone testing strategy. As the suite of performance tests grows, running them all manually just doesn t scale. So many tests to run, so little time. Our team has earned a reputation for cranking out high-quality features like clockwork. To live up to that great reputation, we can t drag ourselves to the test lab to play the role of simulated web users every time we change something that impacts performance. That s what computers are for!
The registerDirectory() method for the Linux directories is used with an extra boolean that tells iText also to scan the subdirectories.
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