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Don t use stylesheets or other page inclusions that aren t required for your iPhone pages. Use Ajax when you can to reload parts of pages rather than whole new pages.
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@ManyToMany public List<Category> getCategories(){ ... }
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The Rotor class is the heart of the actual encryption code. Each instance models a single rotor in the Enigma. Its 26 positions are labeled A to Z, but they should not be confused with the actual letters being encoded or decoded. The assigning of a letter for each position is purely practical; operators needed to encode rotor start positions into each message but the machine had no digit keys, so rotors were labeled A Z rather than 1 26. For convenience we ll also configure each rotor using the letter corresponding to each position. Since the current can pass in either direction through the rotor wiring, we ll build two lookup tables, one for left to right and one for right to left. Listing 9.1 has the code.
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Figure B-8. The Connect button brings up the Open Web Site dialog box, where you choose the destination for the copy.
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page.PreLoad += delegate { WebPartManager webPartManager = WebPartManager.GetCurrentWebPartManager(page); WebPart webPart = webPartManager.WebParts[ID]; webPartManager.DeleteWebPart(webPart); }; ExecutePage(page, path, context); }
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<list name="items" table="CATEGORY_ITEM" cascade="save-update"> <key column="CATEGORY_ID"/> <list-index column="DISPLAY_POSITION"/> <many-to-many class="Item" column="ITEM_ID"/> </list>
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Other Useful String Methods
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Listing 7.6 Populating the dataset for the SplitViewController
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8.3 A complete simple example
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Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load If User.Identity.IsAuthenticated = True Then btnManagersPage.Enabled = True Else btnManagersPage.Enabled = False End If If Not IsPostBack And _ Profile.UserName IsNot Nothing Then If Profile.IsAnonymous = False Then Me.pnlInfo.Visible = True Me.lblFullName.Text = Profile.firstName & " " & Profile.lastName Me.lblPhone.Text = Profile.phoneNumber Me.lblBirthDate.Text = Profile.birthDate.ToShortDateString( ) End If If Profile.Sports IsNot Nothing Then For Each sport As String In Profile.Sports Me.lbSports.Items.Add(sport) Next End If Else Me.pnlInfo.Visible = False End If End Sub
Table 14.3 The use of DataSource in EJB 2 was very complex and has been simplified in EJB 3 by using dependency injection. EJB 2 Define resource-ref in ejb-jar.xml Lookup resource Context ctx = new InitialContext(); DataSource ds = (DataSource) ctx.lookup("java:comp/env/ ActionBazaarDS"); Connection conn = ds.getConnection(); EJB 3 Can use dependency injection @Resource(name = "ActionBazaarDS") private DataSource ds; Connection conn = ds.getConnection();
' ----- Update the processing date. sqlText = "UPDATE CodeLocation SET LastProcessing = " & _ DBDate(Today) If (locationID <> -1) Then sqlText &= _ " WHERE ID = " & locationID ExecuteSQL(sqlText) ' ----- Update the status display. ProcessStatus.Text = " Processing is up to date." ProcessStatus.ImageIndex = StatusImageGood Return ErrorHandler: GeneralError("MainForm.ActDoProcess_Click", Err.GetException( )) Resume Next
Windows server
Concurrency and correctness Providing reliability is not just a matter of ensuring that the system does not crash. An equal measurement of your system s reliability is the extent to which it operates consistently. Regardless of load, time of day, and other factors, your system must always keep itself in a valid state and behave in a predictable way. The integrity of your system s data is not hard to achieve in most distributed applications, because they rely at some point on a database management system (DBMS) that guarantees such integrity. The state and behavior of a running application, however, is the responsibility of its designer and developers. Ensuring that any logic-intensive application will run correctly in all situations is a complicated task. In a distributed system, it is even more so. This is because servers in distributed systems must provide access to shared resources to various clients, often concurrently. It is the responsibility of each service implementer to ensure that information updates are coordinated and synchronized across all client invocations. To address this, each distributed component should have a detailed state model and be tested thoroughly. Assume nothing works properly until proven otherwise. You will thank yourself when your system goes live and you still have your weekends. Ensuring that individual J2EE components work together like they should can be achieved by using the aforementioned JTA API and the transactional capabilities of the EJB container. Your application can also lean on the transactional capabilities of its relational database in some situations.
Bitter interfaces
The ASPX code for displaying the BLOBs is similar to the ASPX we used in chapter 8 to list containers, so this shouldn t be too alien to you. At q a GridView is displayed that lists all the BLOBs in its data source. At w you re defining a hyperlink button that you ll use to download the BLOB, and at e is the standard ASP.NET FileUpload control to upload the file.
Example 9-4. Mediator pattern example code chat room (continued)
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