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We know you may need to implement custom directory providers to accommodate particular situations. Hibernate Search is flexible and lets you use your own implementation and logic.
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Figure 13.4 Adding a new database to SQL Azure with the SQLCMD tool, just like in the old days. You have to have the firewall configured before you do this.
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static void Main(string[] args) { Task t = Task.Factory.StartNew(() => { Task.Factory.StartNew(() => Go("One", 100), TaskCreationOptions.AttachedToParent); Task.Factory.StartNew(() => Go("Two", 500), TaskCreationOptions.AttachedToParent); }); } t.Wait();
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The match contains the required, desirable criteria that select all matching documents. The context contains the undesirable elements that are used to lessen the scores of matching documents. Documents matching the context have their score multiplied by the so-called boost parameter, in this case 0.2f. To achieve a demoting effect, this should be less than 1.0f. Listing 13.3 is the source listing for the BoostingQuery class itself.
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As we wrote in chapter 4, the biggest gotcha in using a UIWebView is that you can t load a URL straight from Interface Builder. Expect to always load NSURLs using the loadRequest: method of NSURLRequest that we ve laid out here to load pages into your web views.
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PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(src); PdfStamper stamper = new PdfStamper(reader, new FileOutputStream(dest)); int page = 1; Rectangle rect; PdfAnnotation annotation; Movie movie; for (Date day : PojoFactory.getDays(connection)) { for (Screening screening : PojoFactory.getScreenings(connection, day)) { movie = screening.getMovie(); rect = getPosition(screening); annotation = PdfAnnotation.createText( stamper.getWriter(), rect, movie.getMovieTitle(), Creates text String.format(INFO, annotation movie.getYear(), movie.getDuration()), false, "Help"); annotation.setColor(WebColors.getRGBColor( Changes "#" + movie.getEntry().getCategory().getColor())); color stamper.addAnnotation(annotation, page); Adds annotation } page++; } stamper.close();
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Invokes the JavaCC compiler on a grammar file.
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17.2.1 Adding the map using Interface Builder
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We ve added quite a bit of new functionality here. Let s step through it. First, we ve introduced a global lookup of command queue objects b. This is a necessary evil given the limitations of the setInterval() method, which we ll discuss shortly. The constructor takes a unique ID as an argument and registers itself with this lookup under this key. The CommandQueue constructor now takes two other new arguments c. onUpdate is a Function object that is used to handle the <update> tags that we introduced into our response XML. freq is a numerical value indicating the number of seconds between polling the server for updates. If it is set, then the constructor initializes a call to the repeat() function g, which uses JavaScript s builtin setInterval() method to regularly execute a piece of code. setInterval() and its cousin setTimeout()accept only strings as arguments under Internet Explorer, so passing variable references directly into the code to be executed is not possible. We use the global lookup variable and the unique ID of this queue to develop a workaround to this problem in the repeat() method. We also keep a reference to the repeating interval, so that we can stop it using clearInterval() in our unrepeat() method h. In the fireRequest() method, we previously exited directly if the queue of commands to send was empty. That test has been modified now so that if an onUpdate handler is set, we will proceed anyway and send an empty queue in order to fetch any <update> tags waiting for us. Alongside our own edited data, we send a timestamp telling the server the date that we last received updates d, so that it
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If you are guaranteed to have full control of your application design and database design, then you are a very lucky person indeed. This is rare in an enterprise environment or any business where the core competency is not software development. However, if you work at a software company that develops
Test Your Knowledge: Exercises
tabBarController tabBarItem view
<div id="loadingPanel" class="asyncPostBackPanel" Visual prompt style="display: none;"> <img src="images/indicator.gif" alt="" />  Loading ... </div> ... Show function onBeginRequest(sender, args){ prompt $get('loadingPanel').style.display = 'block'; var row = createEventRow("beginRequest", ""); $get('clientEvents').appendChild(row); }
Figure 7.18 After the FitNesse test runs, everything is green. It looks like the financial library has passed the test.
Data file
C Event handler
Note the absence of the string #RRRGGGBBBAAA from the list.
Now that you ve moved past main.m, you re actually using classes, which is the sort of coding that makes up the vast majority of Objective-C code. Listing 11.2 shows the contents of your first class s header file, helloworldxcAppDelegate.h.
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