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builder1.EnsureCapacity(70); Console.WriteLine(builder1.Capacity); Console.WriteLine(builder1.Length);
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Diving into Ajax with an example
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This works, but what about the next target, test, or the one after that, docs. Cutand-paste editing would soon get out of hand something that you would only notice when you had to add a new subproject, or change the dependency order; every single master build target would need changing. There must be a better way. 9.4.4 Designing a scalable, flexible master build file A better way to structure a master build file is to use an intrinsic feature of all single file Ant projects: the ability to divide your build file into targets with explicitly declared dependencies between them. If we define a target in the master build file for each subproject ant, common, tools, index, and webapp then we can use the depends attribute to state how they depend upon each other, and let Ant control the order in which subprojects are built. We want to be able to call different targets inside the projects without too much cut-and-paste coding. The same set of targets should be able to hand off a clean command to subprojects as easily as a test command.
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Private Sub CountingDoc_BeginPrint(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.Drawing.Printing.PrintEventArgs) _ Handles CountingDoc.BeginPrint ' ----- Start the counting over. WhichPage = CountingDoc.PrinterSettings.FromPage End Sub
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The PdfPageLabels class also has a static method that allows you to get an array of Strings, containing the page labels of every page:
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SQL Server versus Table service 245 storing in SQL Server 242 updating 263 264, 279 281 entity definitions 244 245, 253 challenges of extending 248 extending 246 entity group transactions 282 284 enumeration types LogLevel 410 eq query expression 289 equality comparisons 290 Etag property 202 events Application_Start 348 Changed 103 Changing 103 OnStart 411 RoleEnvironmentChanging 430 Session_Start 348 Stopping 89 eventually consistent scenarios 372 exceptions 370, 407 Out of Memory 131 ExecuteCommand method 147, 149 expired tokens 389 Extensible Hypertext Markup Language. See XHTML external process 146 149
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This assertion fails if the condition is false, printing a message string if supplied. The assertTrue methods were previously named simply assert, but JDK 1.4 introduces a new assert keyword. You may encounter source using the older method names and receive deprecation warnings during compilation. fail(),
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22: Licensing Your Application
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Description The addition operator adds two numbers together. The unary plus operator retains the sign of a numeric value. It s not very useful until you get into operator overloading, something covered in 12. The subtraction operator subtracts the second operand from the first. The unary negation operator reverses the sign of its associated numeric operand.
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using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Text;
String formatting
Conventional transaction management AspectJ-based transaction management using JDBC AspectJ-based transaction management using JTA
If you create a button to submit data using the XFDF format, you can read the incoming stream with the XfdfReader class.
PageModeFullScreen PageModeUseOC PageModeUseAttachments
<asp:GridView id="gvProducts" runat="server" DataSourceID="sqlProducts" DataKeyNames="ProductID" AllowSorting="True" AllowPaging="True" AutoGenerateColumns="False" HeaderStyle-CssClass="TableColumnHeading" RowStyle-CssClass="TableCells">
Policing access to Ajax data streams
The first argument accepted by callBaseMethod is always the current instance, pointed to by this. The second argument is a string with the name of the method to invoke on the base class. In this case, because the base implementation of the speak method was defined in listing 3.4 to throw a client exception, the overridden method will behave in the same manner as the base method and throw the same client exception. If the base method accepts parameters, you encapsulate them into an array and pass it as the third argument to callBaseMethod, as shown in figure 3.5. We re almost at the end of our journey through the object-oriented constructs provided by the Microsoft Ajax Library. So far, you know how to create client classes and add them to namespaces, define client properties, and implement inheritance. The last two constructs we ll examine are interfaces and enumerations.
We can retrieve different XSL documents based on a theme, screen dimensions, language, and so on. We can retrieve an XML document and an XSL document without help from the server. We can examine an XML log file on our local machine without having control over the XML document structure.
Figure 11-9 illustrates how multiple stores get involved when you have several users and several different assemblies. User 1 asks MyApp.exe to perform some task, which asks for user/assembly isolated storage. It gets Store 1. Imagine that User 1 then asks MyApp.exe to perform some other task that requires the application to call on MyAssembly.dll to carry out the work. If that in turn asks for user/assembly isolated storage, it will get a different store (labeled Store 2 in the diagram). We get a different store, because they are different assemblies. When a different user, User 2, asks MyApp.exe to perform the first task, which then asks for user/assembly isolated storage, it gets a different store again Store 3 in the diagram because they are different users. OK, what happens if we make two copies of MyApp.exe in two different locations, and run them both under the same user account The answer is that it depends.... If the applications are not signed the assembly identification rules mean that they don t match, and so we get two different isolated stores. If they are signed the assembly identification rules mean that they do match, so we get the same isolated store.
Listing 10.1 A simple dao.xml example
In this example, you add properties that relate to an individual s home address. By default, each property is of type string. The goal in this section will be to read from and update this profile information from the browser in a seamless and nonintrusive manner. Contact information page The contact page we discussed earlier is the perfect candidate for integrating with the profile service. Here, you ll provide a form for the user to update and read their information from their profile, all without the cost of a postback. Figure 5.13 shows the contact form when it s first loaded.
voking on the EJB, or to look up entries within the EJB s Enterprise Naming Context (ENC). Let s look at the javax.ejb.SessionContext interface:
This recipe only shows how to create the web service endpoint. For information about creating web service clients, go to Creating web services allows you to expose previously developed business logic (that is encapsulated in an EJB) to platform-neutral web service clients. Doing this lets you reuse business logic and expose your application to a variety of clients. In addition, all the web service clients don t need to know the implementation platform or language of your application.
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