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public class ItemRetrievalActionImpl implements ItemRetrievalAction { private previousLuceneQuery; Keep previous @SuppressWarnings("unchecked")
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More surprisingly, similar restrictions exist with a WPF XBAP. Even though XBAPs use the full version of the .NET Framework, certain features of WCF are disabled for security purposes client code in web browsers shouldn t have complete freedom to connect to anywhere on the Internet, because that would make life too easy for hackers.
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In the previous chapter we introduced some rudimentary ways to access events on the iPhone. We showed you how to correlate iPhone-initiated touches with regular JavaScript events such as mouseup and mousedown. However, now that you re diving
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As far as the HTTP specification is concerned, each request is entirely unconnected with any previous requests from the same client. But it s often useful for a website to be able to recognize a series of requests as having come from the same client, and so a common mechanism to support this, called cookies, is widely used.* Cookies underpin features such as shopping baskets, where a web application needs to maintain per-user state I expect to see only the things that I ve put in my basket, and not the items that any other users who are logged in right now have put in theirs. Cookies are also commonly used for managing logins once the user has typed in his username and password in an HTML form, a cookie is often used, in effect, to authenticate the user from then on. If you re using a web browser, cookies just work without needing any intervention (unless you ve disabled them, of course). But if you re writing code, you need to take specific steps to use them by default, .NET will not use cookies at all, and does not have access to the cookie store for Internet Explorer. Nor does it implement a cookie store of its own.
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Since this target depends on the target that creates the ejb.jar file, it can assume that a JAR file (with the project name) exists. Using the <copy> tag, the target creates a temporary JAR file. Next, the <java> tag sets up the classpath, names the class to execute (the weblogic.ejbc class), and also uses the <arg> tag to add arguments to the execution of the Java class. These arguments are specific to the EJB compiler needed by the EJB container. Once the execution is complete, the target completes execution by deleting the temporary JAR file it used as input to the EJB compiler. The execution of the EJB compiler produced a new JAR file, again named after the project.
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Testing and deployment in J2EE
Location transparency is one of the most important aspects of application maintainability. It simplifies testing and deployment of your application. Part of location transparency is keeping your application free of static file locations such as /usr/ local/myapp/config/ or C:\myapp\. Although iBATIS will allow you to use specific file locations, you are better off using the classpath. The Java classpath is helpful when you want to keep your application free of any specific file paths. You can think of the classpath as a mini file system that your application can refer to internally through the use of a classloader. A classloader is able to read resources from the classpath, including classes and other files. Let s take a look at an example. Imagine the following file structure on your classpath:
Although AOP has grown in popularity in recent years, it is still often perceived as difficult to implement and hard to learn. Let s examine some common , assumptions about AOP and whether or not they are true:
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