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Each XML language defines its own grammar, a specific set of rules governing the content and structure of documents written in that language. For example, the element price may be valid in an ebXML document but has no meaning in a MathML document. Since each language must fulfill this grammatical requirement, XML provides facilities for generically documenting the correct grammar of any derived language. Any XML parser can validate the structure of any XML document, given the rules of its language. Using XML as a common base for higher-level languages enables the interchange of data between software components, systems, and enterprises. Parsing and translation tools written to handle any type of XML-based data can be employed to create and manipulate data in a uniform way, regardless of each document s semantic meaning. For example, the same XML parser can be used to read a MathML document and an ebXML document, and the same XML Translator can be used to convert an ebXML purchase order document into a RosettaNet PIP document. An XML-based infrastructure enables high levels of component reuse and interoperability in your distributed system. It also makes your system interfaces cleaner and more understandable to those who must maintain and extend it. And since XML is an industry standard, it can be deployed widely in your systems without worry about vendor dependence. XML also makes sense from the standpoint of systems integration, as an alternative to distributed object interaction. It allows data-level integration, making the coupling
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Rectangle.NO_BORDER (which removes the border) is one possible value that can be used for the setBorder() method. To define a top, bottom, left, and right borders, you need Rectangle.TOP, Rectangle.BOTTOM, Rectangle.LEFT, and Rectangle.RIGHT.
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Here you obtain a PdfImportedPage object from PdfStamper with the getImportedPage() method. This method writes the resources necessary to render the imported page to the writer associated with the stamper. This technique is often used to add watermarks to existing document. You can easily adapt the example to add an Image with the addImage() method instead of an imported page. All the methods from chapter 3 are at your disposal.
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site, named chap 17, has a low disk space warning. The application can easily support multiple conditions; for now let s keep things simple with a good condition and a bad condition. Good sites are shown in green and bad are shown in red on the home screen. Still referring to figure 17.6, note that the screen has support for maintaining three different fields, each implemented as an EditText control. The first EditText instance manages the name of the site. Space is limited on the widget, so it s best to keep the length of this name limited. Note that the widget can be expanded to take more space and therefore permit more descriptive names, and most users will be able to use a short descriptor such as a server name or a client s nickname. More importantly, you want to fit multiple instances of the SiteMonitor widget on the home screen, so they shouldn t take up any more space than Figure 17.6 Site details, absolutely necessary. including hot-linked text The next EditText field holds the URL that the application periodically pings to check the status of the site. When it s time to update the status of a particular hosted application, SiteMonitor performs an HTTP GET against this URL and expects a pipe-delimited return string. For example, a response from a commerce site might look like the following:
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function animateRhombus() { var context = document.getElementById('mycanvas').getContext('2d'); context.clearRect(0,0,320,356);; context.fillStyle = "#dddddd"; context.fillRect(0,0,320,356); context.restore();
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Just as new CalendarEvent[5] would create an array capable of containing five CalendarEvent elements, new CalendarEvent[5][] would create an array capable of containing five arrays of CalendarEvent objects. Since our method lets the caller specify the number of days, we pass that argument in as the size of the top-level array. Remember that arrays are reference types, and that whenever you create a new array whose element type is a reference type, all the elements are initially null. So although our new eventsByDay array is capable of referring to an array for each day, what it holds right now is a null for each day. So the next bit of code is a loop that will populate the array:
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Applications for Android/Linux are markedly different from applications constructed with the Android SDK. Applications built with Eclipse and the context-sensitive Java syntax tools make for a comfortable learning environment. In line with the spirit of Linux development, from here on out all development takes place with commandline tools and nothing more sophisticated than a text editor. Though the Eclipse environment could certainly be leveraged for non-Java development, the focus of this chapter is on core C language1 coding for Android/Linux. The first place to start is with the cross-compiling tool chain required to build Android/Linux applications.
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Because the count field is static, the count applies to all invoker calls (thus the reference to the instance paste). Execute is a way of getting at this total count. Any invoker instance would return the same value (7). More sophisticated logging methods are explored in the upcoming Exercises section. The full menu handler program is shown in Example 8-5.
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1. A session is the period of time in which a single user interacts with an application, no matter how many individual pages he or she visits. 2. The state of a page refers to the current values of all controls on the page, including any changes made by the user. 3. Add the Trace="True" attribute to the Page directive to see the page Trace, including the stages of the page life cycle, and the control hierarchy. 4. The postback mode is determined in the Start phase of the life cycle. 5. The Page_Load event is the most common event to handle if you want to take actions during the Load phase. 6. ASP.NET manages Control state, View state, Session state, and Application state. You cannot affect the management of the Control state. 7. The EnableViewState="false" attribute disables view state for more complex controls. Simpler controls, such as text boxes, retain their state no matter what. 8. Use the state bag to store the value of a counter that increments each time the page is loaded. If you navigate to a separate page, the counter will reset, but not if you click the browser s Refresh button. 9. Save the user s name in session state. 10. Use the syntax Session("username") = <user's name>.
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If we return to the Certificates page in Visual Studio (as shown in figure 4.9), the thumbprint shown there isn t present in the service definition file. That s because this value is stored in the service configuration file, as shown below:
if Statements
13.3.3 Pros and cons of the different methods
package org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch06.filetransfer; import import import import import import import;;;;;;;
@Entity(name="AuctionItem") public class Item { ... }
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