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Laszlo framework 28 layout with CSS 40 layout, reusing 128 layout, using browser engine 133 left and top properties, CSS 450 library adapting 445 adapting without changing code 456 AjaxWindows.js 456 Behaviour library for event handlers 129 JDOM, XMLparsing 204 JSON-RPC 192 JSWindow 439, 445 adapting 448 MD5 generator 267 overriding functions 456 Prototype for OO programming 105 Sarissa for XML 105 Scriptaculous 243 Scriptaculous for widgets 108 Effects library 108 transition object 109 x library 77 for DHTML 104 line-height property 514 for centering text 436 link element in RSS feed 509 list item, creating 419 list, selecting from 389
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function ToDetailsUrl(sender, e) { var productId = e.get_value(); var formatUrl = "catalog.html product_id={0}"; e.set_value(String.format(formatUrl, productId)); } //--> </script>
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Setting an isolation level Every JDBC connection to a database is in the default isolation level of the DBMS usually read committed or repeatable read. You can change this default in the DBMS configuration. You may also set the transaction isolation for JDBC connections on the application side, with a Hibernate configuration option:
prefsPrivate.getString( SharedPrefTestOtherOutput.KEY_PRIVATE, "NA")); outputWorldRead.setText( prefsWorldRead.getString( SharedPrefTestOtherOutput.KEY_WORLD_READ, "NA")); outputWorldWrite.setText( prefsWorldWrite.getString( SharedPrefTestOtherOutput.KEY_WORLD_WRITE, "NA")); outputWorldReadWrite.setText( prefsWorldReadWrite.getString( SharedPrefTestOtherOutput.KEY_WORLD_READ_WRITE,"NA")); } }
Strongly typed label helper
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