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Before we get to the summing up, there s just enough time for another quick end-ofchapter detour. At the end of section 9.2.6, when we coded the Enigma s lamps, I mentioned the possibility of building an entire UI inside a design/art tool. In this section we re going to do just that. Figure 9.13 shows a UI constructed in Inkscape. The left-hand side of the window contains two buttons, each constructed from four layers stacked atop each other. The right-hand side indicates how those layers are formed.
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Calculates document scores based on a given Similarity Is created by a Weight class via Weight.scorer(IndexReader reader)
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Creating FDF based on data sent from an HTML form
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Figure 3.3 The relationship between Azure, the fabric, and the Fabric Controller (FC). The fabric is an abstract model of the massive number of servers in the Azure data center. The FC manages everything. For example, it recovers failed servers and moves your application to a healthy server.
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The index can be huge, and most of the index structure will remain in the filesystem (as opposed to in memory). Local filesystems are now fast enough to accommodate Lucene s read operations efficiently. Lucene caches information in memory to avoid unnecessary reads to the filesystem. This caching is done at the IndexReader level, and Hibernate Search benefits from it by reusing IndexReader instances as much as possible. A filesystem is the most used and tested solution in Lucene deployments. The index is persistent, and it can easily be backed up and replicated. You can navigate into the index internals thanks to Luke (see section 2.6).
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public void nullSafeSet(PreparedStatement ps, Object o, int i) throws HibernateException, SQLException { Address addr = (Address) o; Hibernate.STRING.nullSafeSet(ps, Hibernate.STRING.nullSafeSet(ps, Hibernate.STRING.nullSafeSet(ps, Hibernate.STRING.nullSafeSet(ps, }
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Persistence unit scoping
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Table 3.3 Built-in type alias definitions that save you from having to type some of these very long class names Alias Type
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package org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch04.firstejb; import javax.ejb.EJBObject; /** * EJB 2.x Remote Component interface of the CalculatorEJB * * @author <a href="">ALR</a> */ public interface CalculatorRemote extends CalculatorCommonBusiness, EJBObject { }
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Continuous StyleCop analysis
Implementing ASP.NET site maps
Most application servers support load balancing of requests between multiple application server instances. When using this architecture, the same application is deployed in all instances. Since the EJBs are stateless, the client can go to any of the servers being load-balanced, as seen in figure 13.5. If you want to use load balancing of stateless session beans deployed in a cluster, you need a basic understanding of RMI and remote invocation of an EJB. We briefly discussed RMI in chapter 1. Figure 13.6 shows how remote invocation of an EJB works.
The second major piece of Windows Azure platform AppFabric is the Service Bus. As adoption of service-oriented architecture (SOA) increases, developers are seeking better ways of connecting their services together. At the simplest level, the Service Bus does this for any service out there. It makes it easy for services to connect to each other and for consumers to connect to services. In this section, we re going to look into what the Service Bus is, why you d use a bus, and, most importantly, how you can connect your services to it. You ll see how easy it is to use the Service Bus.
10.2 Hosting Silverlight applications in BLOB storage
}; puz.fixGrid(); var gridFont = Font { name: "Arial Bold" size: 20 }; Stage { title: "Game" visible: true scene: Scene { content: [ for(idx var var var
<target name="deploy-remote-server" depends="build-remote-urls,remove-remote-app,ftp-warfile"> <property name="target.port" value="8080"/> <property name="redist.url" value="file://${}" /> <!-- install the new --> <property name="target.url.params" value="path=/${target.appname}&war=${redist.url}" /> <get src="${target.manager.url}/install ${target.url.params}" dest="deploy-remote-install.txt" username="${target.username}" password="${target.password}" /> <loadfile property="deploy.remote.result" srcFile="deploy-remote-install.txt"/> <echo>${deploy.remote.result}</echo>
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