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multiple parameters together. To use the ParamBuilder class, we first need an instance of a ParamBuilder. Instead of instantiating a new builder in our views, we can define a new base view page to hold our new helper object. Our base view page class is shown in listing 10.9.
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The SiteMonitorModel class meets the data management needs of the SiteMonitor AppWidget. The underlying data persistence method is the application SharedPreferences and as such a couple of constant String values are employed B to identify the SharedPreferences data. Each data element is defined as a String member variable C. Two distinct constructors are employed. The first constructor d is for creating a new instance from distinct String values, and the second constructor E is used to parse out data for an existing widget that has been retrieved from a SharedPreference. Only one set of getter/setter methods F is shown in this listing, but they all employ the same basic bean pattern. When preparing data to be stored in the SharedPreferences, the widget instance data is reduced to a single delimited String with the assistance of the storageString method G. The toString() method H is overridden and invokes the storageString method. Data storage, retrieval, and deletion are handled in statically defined methods. The saveWidgetData I method stores the widget data with a key of PREFIX_NAME + widgetIdentifier. This means that the data for a widget with an ID of 200 would look like this:
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Query query = session.createQuery("from Event"); List events = query.list();
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for ( Iterator iter = messages.iterator(); iter.hasNext(); ) { Message loadedMsg = (Message); System.out.println( loadedMsg.getText() ); } newTransaction.commit(); newSession.close(); // Shutting down the application HibernateUtil.shutdown(); } }
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Interfaces Versus Abstract Base Classes
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Visual Studio 2008 includes features that help you locate and resolve compiletime errors. Such errors are marked with a blue squiggle below the offending syntax. Some errors also prompt Visual Studio to display corrective options through a pop-up window, as shown in Figure 9-3.
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Sub TransactionRollback
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namespace Example_7_4_ _ _ _Initializer { public class Box { // private variables private int length; private int width; private int height = 6; // public methods public void DisplayBox( ) { Console.WriteLine("Length: {0}, Width: {1}, Height: {2}", length, width, height); } // constructor public Box(int theLength, int theWidth) { length = theLength; width = theWidth; } } public class Tester { static void Main( ) { Box boxObject = new Box(4, 8); boxObject.DisplayBox( ); } } }
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Exploring EJB security
Notice that there is no explicit cast in this statement. When you add the int to the Fraction, the int is implicitly cast to a Fraction. The implementation of this is to create a new Fraction object and to return it:
When we called the function TypeAhead() from the function GiveOptions(), we passed the current string value from the textbox to perform the search. We need to build the parameter string, strParams, that contains our textbox string value
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