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The installation folder has the same name as the current version number, which will vary for subsequent releases. If you browse to the installation folder, you ll find the following files:
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Assuming you like the smell of jet fuel. When we define a type using class, we always get this behavior our variables behave as references to an underlying object. We therefore call a type defined as a class a reference type.
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The brackets in the int[,] declaration indicate that the type is an array of integers, and the comma indicates the array has two dimensions (two commas would indicate three dimensions, and so on). The actual instantiation of rectangularArray with new int[rows, columns] sets the size of each dimension. Here, the declaration and instantiation have been combined:
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hibernate.connection.driver_class = org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver hibernate.connection.url = jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost hibernate.connection.username = sa hibernate.dialect = org.hibernate.dialect.HSQLDialect
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See the Google documentation for more details about Bluetooth and Android: http://developer.
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We never write HQL keywords in uppercase; we never write SQL keywords in uppercase either. It looks ugly and antiquated most modern terminals can display both uppercase and lowercase characters. However, HQL isn t case-sensitive for keywords, so you can write FROM Bid AS bid if you like shouting.
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the FadeInAnimation class. For this reason, the imperative syntax is preferable when you need maximum performance. In most cases, though, you ll be able to use the shortest and most readable code.
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Figure 7.11 Although Selenium can record your clicks and keystrokes, you have to manually add additional commands to complete the test.
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q to all domains The CrossDomain.xml file displayed in listing 10.4 states at q that any website hosting a browser-based application (Silverlight or Flash) can communicate with this service. If the owner of the web service wanted to restrict access to your application only, then it would replace the * at q with (your BLOB storage account).
Figure 2.5 Sequence of events in an asynchronous communication in a web page. User action invokes a request from a hidden requester object (an IFrame or XMLHttpRequest object), which initiates a call to the server asynchronously. The method returns very quickly, blocking the user interface for only a short period of time, represented by the height of the shaded area. The response is parsed by a callback function, which then updates the user interface accordingly.
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Table 3.2 Pattern **/.svn
11.2.1 Multiple table mapping
package javax.persistence; @Target({TYPE, METHOD, FIELD}) public @interface PrimaryKeyJoinColumn { String name( ) default ""; String referencedColumnName( ) default ""; String columnDefinition( ) default ""; }
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