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Lucene represents a record (an entry) as a Document. A Document is an API that can receive as many fields as pleases you. Each field has a name and a value. This value is a string. A full-text search engine like Lucene does not know a lot of types. The only type it understands is string. We need to find a way to convert the rich and strongly typed domain model in Java to a string-only representation that can be digested and indexed by the full-text search engine (see figure 1.12). While this is fairly easy for some types, it can be pretty questionable for others. Date is one example. When doing a search query on a date or date range, we don t always need the date with its full precision up to the millisecond. Perhaps providing a way to store only the date up to the day or the hour could make sense. Date is not the only type with problems; number is another one. When comparing numbers, mathematical common sense tells us that 23 is lower than 123. Not for Lucene! Remember, everything is a string, and in the string world, 23 is indeed higher than 123 because the lexical order of 2 is higher than 1. Beyond built-in Java types, custom classes like Address or MoneyAmount also have to be somewhat translated into a string representation in the index. Let s explore our domain model a bit more. Some entities have relationships with each other. In a relational model, these relations are represented by foreign keys, while in an object model, they are pointers from one object to another. Unfortunately, Lucene doesn t support the notion of relation between documents, as shown in figure 1.13. The consequence is quite strong and means that Lucene does not support the notion of JOIN (as in SQL). We need to find a workaround to build queries that rely on constraint to related entities or documents, like returning the list of matching orders where one item has Alice in the title and the customer lives in Atlanta.
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The next step
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@PermitAll public List<Bid> getBids(Item item) {...} }
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that are required for the particular operation are included in the update or query. Furthermore, a denormalized model can make efficient indexing impossible. iBATIS works with both denormalized models and overnormalized models. It makes no assumptions about the granularity of your object model or database, nor does it assume that they are the same or even remotely alike. iBATIS does the best job possible of separating the object model from the relational model.
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The XML mapping file is now bound to a particular database product, and you lose the database portability of the Hibernate application. One way to deal with this issue is to use a placeholder in your XML file that is replaced during build when the mapping files are copied to the target directory (Ant supports this). This mechanism is recommended only if you have experience with Ant or already need build-time substitution for other parts of your application. A much more elegant variation is to use custom XML entities (not related to our application s business entities). Let s assume you need to externalize an element or attribute value in your XML files to keep it portable:
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Example A-22. One solution to Exercise 10-1 (continued)
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A loop is set up over all the pixels in the source image. For each pixel, the subroutine average_color() is called with the current image and the x and y coordinates as arguments. This subroutine returns a list of the red, green, and blue components after application of the weighted kernel.5 The color of the corresponding pixel in the output image is then set to the calculated values. After all pixels have been processed, the output image is almost ready to save. But prior to that, we need to make sure we copy back the alpha channel if that was requested:6
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10.3.2 Running the mobile emulator
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Criteria queries
mapped statement to run, the parameters required by the mapped statement, and the row handler instance. The following example creates an XML document with all of the accounts returned by a mapped statement encoded as XML:
List movies = PojoFactory.getMovies(connection); ColumnText ct = new ColumnText(writer.getDirectContent()); int column = 0; ct.setSimpleColumn( COLUMNS[column][0], COLUMNS[column][1], COLUMNS[column][2], COLUMNS[column][3]); int status = ColumnText.START_COLUMN; float y; Image img; for (Movie movie : movies) { y = ct.getYLine(); img = Image.getInstance(String.format(RESOURCE, movie.getImdb())); img.scaleToFit(80, 1000); addContent(ct, movie, img); Adds content to Creates and status = ct.go(true); ColumnText scales movie if (ColumnText.hasMoreText(status)) { poster column = (column + 1) % 4; if (column == 0) document.newPage(); ct.setSimpleColumn( COLUMNS[column][0], COLUMNS[column][1], COLUMNS[column][2], COLUMNS[column][3]); y = COLUMNS[column][3]; } Clears ct.setYLine(y); content! ct.setText(null); addContent(ct, movie, img); Adds content status = ct.go(); to ColumnText }
You declare one-to-many relationships using the @javax.persistence.OneToMany annotation:
The first subclass looks like this:
Diagnostic App
public class AudioPlayer { private int audioPlayerStatus; public int PlayAudioFile( )
equality testing
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