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public class DaoService { private static DaoManager daoManager; public static synchronized DaoManager getDaoManager(){ String daoXmlResource = "dao.xml"; Specifies location Reader reader; of config file if (null == daoManager){ try { Gets a reader for reader = the builder Resources.getResourceAsReader(daoXmlResource); daoManager = DaoManagerBuilder.buildDaoManager(reader); Builds DAO return daoManager; manager } catch (IOException e) { throw new RuntimeException( "Unable to create DAO manager.", e); } } else { return daoManager; } }
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<%= Html.LabelFor(m => m.Password) %> <%= Html.PasswordFor(m => m.Password) %> <%= Html.ValidationMessageFor(m => m.Password) %> </p> <p> <%= Html.CheckBoxFor(m => m.RememberMe) %> <label class="inline" for="rememberMe">Remember me </label> </p> <p> <input type="submit" value="Log On" /> </p> </fieldset> </div> <% } %>
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Messages are the lingua franca of messaging systems. Any application that can speak in messages is welcome to join in conversations. Message producers are JMS clients that send messages. Message consumers are JMS clients that receive messages. The message language is defined by the JMS specification, which specifies six different message types that vary with the type of payload they transport. Think of these message types as dialects of the message language. They all sound similar, but each has a slightly different accent. Their similarity lies in a common structure: headers, properties, and a payload. The headers and properties define routing and other information about the message. The payload, or message body, is the meat of the message. It contains data of specific interest to message consumers. The structure of the payload is unique to each message type. Table 6.1 breaks down each message type by its respective payload.
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mySettingLbl.Text = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["mySetting"];
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myBox.GetDimensions( ref myLength, ref myWidth, ref myHeight);
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The Confirm page in this example does nothing more than retrieve the two Session objects, one containing the cart and one containing the buyer information, and display them on the page. The cart is displayed in a GridView and the buyer information is displayed in a ListBox. Again, the page contains an HTML table for layout. The first row contains a GridView and its associated data source for the cart information.
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13 covers the <xslt> task in more detail. 10.3.2 ClearCase Although you can check files out, the current tasks don t follow the strict application of the Rational process, in which you have to name a particular task or defect related to the check out. Nor is there any method by which to label files from Ant, which is a feature desperately needed for completely automated deployment. We have encountered odd behavior when, after an ant clean deleted the build and dist directories in a ClearCase file system, Ant could not build again until the system was rebooted. If you encounter the same problem, try the same solution.
The View in an Ajax application
private String booleanToYesNo(Boolean b) { if (b == null) { throw new IllegalArgumentException ( "Could not convert null to a boolean value. " + "Valid arguments are 'true' and 'false'."); } else if (b.booleanValue()) { return YES; } else { return NO; } }
Web frameworks: WebWork, Struts, and Tapestry
Listing 2.3
In this section, we ve seen a few real-world examples of how to use location information in meaningful ways, but you ll find that you can make much better use of the information when you have an internet connection. When you do, you can feed longitudes and latitudes to various sites. For example, you can pull up maps with a site like Google Maps. You can also improve on the iPhone s relatively poor (or nonexistent) altitude information by instead requesting the geographic altitude of a location using a site like GeoNames. This won t be accurate if your user is in an airplane or a tall office building, but for the majority of situations, it ll probably be better than what the iPhone can currently deliver. Rather than address these possibilities here, we ve decided to save them for chapter 20, where we ll use them as examples of how to interact with the internet.
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Page_Load 268 page-centric request lifecycle 168 parameter lists 136, 142 144 partial view 313, 338, 340 341 partials 136 137, 139 140, 151, 304 PasswordFor 38 39 patterns, Session-perRequest 106 per-web request 195 Perl 230 permalink, keep simple and clean 231 persist 324, 327 328, 339 persistence 119 120, 124 126, 326 328, 341 personalization 95, 109 building SQL tables for 109 configuring 109 displaying profile data 110 editing profile data 110 PHP 167, 230 placeholders 137 138 plugins 381 portable 324 portable area 311 321 PortableAreaRegistration 314 316 POST 164, 166, 235 236 post-build event 343 Post-Redirect-Get 18 19, 56 Powershell 253 preprocessor directives 355 presentation layer 124 125, 322 presentation model 22 25, 28, 30, 50, 53, 68, 119 120, 124, 258, 261, 263 PRG 21, 56 production environment 252, 257 Profile 32 36 profiles 263 progressive enhancement 176 project generators 356 projects 312, 314, 316 public 51, 53 55, 58, 60 61, 63 PUT 235 236 Python 230
Single-value triggers (on replace) The trigger syntax is used at the end of a variable declaration with the keywords on replace and two variables, one for the current value and one for the incoming value. In the following example, previous always holds the last value of its companion, current.
Use the isIdentical() method from the remote or local interface to compare EJB references. The client program in listing 1.15 creates and compares several EquityBean entity EJB instances. A stock symbol makes an EquityBean instance unique.
3.2.5 Adding logic to accessor methods
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