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public void setMessageDrivenContext(MessageDrivenContext ctx) { this.ctx = ctx; } public void ejbCreate () throws CreateException { public void ejbActivate() { } }
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Designing layered applications
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GetLogicalDrives( ) returns an array of strings, each of which represents the root directory of one of the logical drives. You will iterate over that collection, adding nodes to the TreeView control as you go. Start the loop like this:
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UPDATE LineItems SET Quantity = Quantity + 1, ProductID = 'BEV02POP' WHERE RecordID = 92231
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Table 7-2. Windows Forms controls available in Visual Studio (continued) Icon Control
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Java vendors
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Cascading in ORM-based persistence is similar to the idea of cascading in databases. The cascade element essentially tells the EntityManager how, or if, to propagate a given persistence operation on a particular entity into entities related to it. By default, the cascade element is empty, which means that no persistence operations are propagated to related entities. Alternatively, the cascade element can be set to ALL, MERGE, PERSIST, REFRESH, or REMOVE. Table 9.3 lists the effect of each of these values.
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It s worth noting that collections are flattened during the denormalization process. In our example this means that the names of all actors associated with a given item are stored and indexed in a single field, What are the consequences In theory, it limits some of the query s expressibility. In practice, this should not affect you too much. With this model, it s possible to express queries such as returning the items where:
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<parameterMap id="swapProcedureMap" class="java.util.Map"> <parameter property="a" mode="INOUT" /> <parameter property="b" mode="INOUT" /> </parameterMap> <procedure id="swapProcedure" parameterMap="swapProcedureMap"> { call swap( , ) } </procedure> // Call swap function Map m = new HashMap(2); m.put("a", new Integer(7)); m.put("b", new Integer(5)); Integer val = (Integer) sqlMap.queryForObject("Account.in_example", m);
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If cb.Checked Then
javax.persistence.Query.getSingleResult() are different. The former returns null if no object is found; the latter raises a NoResultException.
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Handles incoming messages
You have two or more entity beans that represent data in a single step of a transaction. For example, from the account transfer example in the chapter introduction,
The first thing you need to do in this method is create the frame for the accessory view as we did in the second line. The x and y coordinates, and the width of this view, are completely ignored. The only value that matters is the height, because the rest are figured out for you. If you try to modify any of the values besides the height, it will have no effect on the view. One great thing is that you get rotation for free. The view is always in the correct place when the user rotates the device without any interventions on your part. Next, you declare the UIToolbar that s the accessory view for this UITextField. To be good stewards of memory, you set this view to autorelease because you have no reason to hang on to it after it s returned. The code declares the UIBarButtonItems that are added to the toolbar, and this is where user interaction comes in. You set each of these to call its own methods when the user taps it. In a bit, you ll see how you can use these methods to update the text in the UITextField. These items are then added to the toolbar. Finally, you return the toolbar. As the last part of this implementation, you need to write the sendSmile: and sendSad: methods. Although these methods are specific to the example, you ll most likely be responding to actions in this view to alter the text in some way. Adding the following code to the MyCustomAccessoryTextField.m file adds the functionality for these methods:
Queries are the most interesting part of writing good data access code. A complex query may require a long time to get right, and its impact on the performance of an application can be tremendous. On the other hand, writing queries becomes much easier with more experience, and what seemed difficult at first may only be a matter of knowing some of the more advanced features of Hibernate. If you ve been using handwritten SQL for a number of years, you might be concerned that ORM will take away some of the expressiveness and flexibility that you re used to. This isn t the case with Hibernate. Hibernate s powerful query facilities allow you to express almost everything you commonly (or even uncommonly) need to express in SQL, but in object-oriented terms using classes and properties of classes. Of course, some things don t make sense in an object-oriented query. For example, the Hibernate query language doesn t support database-specific query hints. For these (rare) cases, Hibernate makes it easy for you to fall back to the native SQL dialect of your database. In chapter 4, we mentioned that there are three ways to express queries in Hibernate. First is the HQL:
Figure 12.2 The four ways in which images can be extended beyond their border: 1. assume a constant value, 2. assume the same value as the edge, 3. tile the image, 4. mirror the image.
<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <StackPanel> <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
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