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mation of the advised join point. It gives access to the target object, the execution object, and the method arguments. It also provides access to the static information for the join point, using the getStaticPart() method. You use thisJoinPoint when you need dynamic information related to the join point. For example, if you want to log the execution object and method arguments, you would use the thisJoinPoint object. thisJoinPointStaticPart This object of type JoinPoint.StaticPart contains the static information about the advised join point. It gives access to the source location, the kind (method-call, method-execution, field-set, field-get, and so forth), and the signature of the join point. You use thisJoinPointStaticPart when you need the structural context of the join point, such as its name, kind, source location, and so forth. For example, if you need to log the name of the methods that are executed, you would use the thisJoinPointStaticPart object. thisEnclosingJoinPointStaticPart This object of type JoinPoint.StaticPart contains the static information about the enclosing join point, which is also refered to as the enclosing context. The enclosing context of a join point depends on the kind of join point. For example, for a methodcall join point, the enclosing join point is the execution of the caller method, whereas for an exception-handler join point, the enclosing join point is the method that surrounds the catch block. You use the thisEn-
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protected void btnCreate_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { CloudStorageAccount account = CloudStorageAccount.FromConfigurationSetting("DataConnectionString"); CloudBlobClient blobClient = account.CreateCloudBlobClient();
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5.3.2 What are interceptors
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Exercise 4-2. Adding labels and textboxes to your page is easy. The tricky bit is that you need to change the content of the textboxes whenever the user selects a row in the GridView. Fortunately, you ve seen the SelectedIndexChanged event, which makes it easy to send data to controls based on a user s selections in the GridView. Start by copying the web site from Exercise 4-1 to a new web site, Exercise 4-2, as explained in Appendix B. Click the GridView s Smart Tag, and check the Enable Selection checkbox. The Select links show up next to the Edit and Delete links that are already there. Drag a Label onto the Design view, below the GridView. Name it lblName, and change the text to Name: . Drag a TextBox next to the Label, name it txtName, and set its ReadOnly property to True. Add another Label, named lblColor, with text of Color: . Finally, add a second TextBox, name it txtColor, and set its ReadOnly property to True. You re got all the parts in place, but now you need to connect the Select link in the
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A primary key class must meet four requirements:
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package; import import import import import import import import import import import import import;;;;;;;;; java.util.Enumeration; java.util.Hashtable; java.util.Properties; java.util.StringTokenizer;
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Forms-Based Security |
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Controller factories are an important extension point in the ASP.NET MVC Framework. They allow you to take on the responsibility of creating controllers, which enables you to apply logic for every single controller in your application. You can
As you notice, the task processed a single Java class, your Event class, and generates its mapping file. If you look in the build/classes directory, you should find an Event.hbm.xml file sitting along with the compiled Event.class. You can add Event to your SessionFactory now and persist classes just as if you wrote the Event.hbm.xml file by hand. And as you can see by looking at, the Hibernate tags you added make the purpose and intent of the class a bit clearer. So you have reduced the number of files that future developers (which may include you) need to read and comprehend, as well as documenting the files they do read.
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6.1 Sending a publish/subscribe JMS message 6.2 Sending a point-to-point JMS message 7.8 Securing a message-driven bean
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