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All of the filters and listeners in listing 8.15 are needed so that components will be correctly bound. In addition, you need to create a /WEBINF/classes/components.xml file, which defines the components. It should look like this:
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Don t use PdfCopyFields to concatenate PDF documents without form fields. As opposed to concatenating documents using PdfCopy, PdfCopyFields needs to keep all the documents in memory to update the combined form. This can become problematic if you re trying to concatenate large documents.
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(The output for this code appears in Figure 14-3.) The My.Settings.NoticeFont is an actual instance of System.Drawing.Font that you can use like any other Font instance. You can modify the value of any setting scoped as User, and have the new value preserved for your next use of the application (i.e., for the current user s next use of the application).
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Can there be more than one Bid for a particular Item
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<project name="${PROJECT_NAME}" default="all" basedir="."> <!-- set global properties for this build --> <property environment="env"/> <property file=""/> <target name="all" depends="init, compile_ejb, jar_ejb, ejbc"> <echo>---------[ Project name: ${PROJECT_NAME} Completed ]--</echo> Adds the ejbc target </target> to the depends list <!-=========================================== Setup ready for build. Create all the necessary Directories ================================================= --> <target name="init"> <tstamp/> <echo>--[ Creating all Directories and copying XML files ]--</echo> <mkdir dir="${BUILD}"/> <mkdir dir="${EJB_BUILD}"/> <mkdir dir="${EJB_BUILD}/META-INF"/> </target> <!-=========================================== Clean the files up =========================================== --> <target name="clean"> <tstamp/> <echo>---[ Cleaning the Compiled and Deployed Files ]-------</echo> <delete dir="${BUILD}"/> </target> <! ========================================================= Compile the EJB Source Files ======================================================== --> <target name="compile_ejb" depends="init"> <tstamp/>
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The Debug Object
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When you do this, you re saying you want the object to stay around but now you ve become responsible for its memory as well: you must send a release message at some point to balance your retain. At this point, we should probably back up and explain the underlying way that the iPhone OS actually manages these memory objects. It does so by maintaining a count of object usage. By default it s set to 1. Each retain message increases that count by 1, and each release message reduces that count by 1. When the count drops to 0, the memory for the object is freed up. Therefore, all memory management can be thought of as pairs of messages. If you balance every alloc and every retain with a release, your object will eventually be freed up when you re done with it.
The CountSubStr function counts how many times a given substring appears in a larger string. It uses Visual Basic s InStr function to find the location of a substring (subText) in a larger string (mainText). It keeps doing this until it reaches the end of mainText, maintaining a running count (totalTimes) of the number of matches.
The example is very similar to that of the Abstract Factory pattern. The crucial difference is that the Director contains more functionality than the factories were required to. To illustrate, here is one of the two Directors from the code in Example 6-2:
System; System.Web.Mvc; CodeCampServer.Core.Domain; CodeCampServer.Core.Domain.Model; NUnit.Framework; NUnit.Framework.SyntaxHelpers;
After opening the document, you add all the content. In this case, the content consists of a series of chapters.
<class name="Bid" table="BID"> ... <many-to-one name="item" column="ITEM_ID" class="Item" not-null="true"/> </class>
Payload No payload, just headers and properties Java string (text or serialized XML document) Set of name-value pairs Serialized Java object Stream of uninterpreted bytes Stream of primitive Java types
imageurl password port proxy showduration user A URL pointing to an image to display; optional, default antlogo.gif from the classpath. [String] Proxy password; required if user is set. [String] Proxy port; optional, default 80. [String] Name of proxy; optional. [String] How long to show the splash screen in milliseconds, optional; default 5000 ms. [Integer] Proxy user; optional, default=none. [String]
Listing 3.5 The Pet class with two properties
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