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Starting a Hibernate project
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Sending SMS messages
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2.4.2 Container-managed relationships
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Listing 9.6 The getTransport method
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The My.Forms collection allows you to reference any form within it without having to say My.Forms first. The members of the My.Forms collection represent default instances of each form in the project. That s all the code we need for now, but if you run the program, it will still show only the AboutProgram form. That s because the AboutProgram form is set as the startup form. To alter this, open the project s properties window, select the Application tab, and set the Startup form field to MainForm. Since the AboutProgram form is now being shown as a dialog form (through a call to its ShowDialog method), its behavior is somewhat different. Each form includes a DialogResult property whose value is returned by the ShowDialog method when the form closes. Each button on your form can be configured to automatically set this property and close the form. The Close button on the AboutProgram form does just that; its own DialogResult property is set to Cancel, which is assigned to the form s DialogResult property when the user clicks the Close button. As a side effect, anytime a value (other than None) gets assigned to the form s DialogResult property, the form closes. The upshot of that drawn-out paragraph is that you can now delete the event handler for the Close button s Click event, and the button will still close the form. Delete the ActClose_Click procedure from the AboutProgram s source code, run the program, and see what happens. The Close button still closes the form, even without the event handler.
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Hibernating with XDoclet
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Table 7.2 We can create a graphical orientation gauge in just a few minutes in Dashcode. Description Select File > New Project. Choose a Custom project. Drag a gauge from the Parts library to the top center of your Dashcode canvas. Pop up an inspector window and click on the Attributes tab. In the Values section, change the range to go from 0 to 359, to allow the full range of values. Change the threshold to 0 and warning and critical to 360, to make sure the gauge always remains green. In the Geometry section, change the angles to go from 0 to 359 to match the gauge up with our possible orientation directions. Change the pointer reach to 120% to help it stand out more. In the main window, click the Application Attributes button in the Navigator sidebar. Change the Title to Orientation Gauge. Change the viewport to Adjust page width to fit, to keep your gauge from resizing. Open the Metrics inspector for the content object. Change resizing so that the left and right springs are outside of the subwindow, rather than inside. Open a source code panel using the View button. Drag Set Gauge Value from the Code library to the source code panel. Adjust it appropriately to set the gauge s value on startup and when the orientation changes. Design and input a home screen icon using the Home Screen Icon button in the navigator sidebar. Release your new program.
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We re now going to cheat somewhat, and rather than getting our data from a web service or from a database, we re going to put it right into our resources. The data will consist of a generic list of ImageURL objects. You haven t heard of these types of objects before, because you re going to create the class right now. Right-click on the project file in the Solution Explorer and choose Add Class. When the Add New Item dialog box appears, the Class item will be selected automatically. Leave it selected, and give the class file a name of PhotoCatalog.cs. Visual Studio will automatically open a new class file for you. Add the code in Example 19-7, and be sure to add the using System.Windows.Media.Imaging statement, because you ll need it, and also be sure to add the public modifier to the class name.
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Pop-up help works when you enable the Pop-up button in the form s title bar. To set pop-up help for a control, follow these steps: 1. Add a HelpProvider control to the form, but don t bother setting its HelpNamespace property to a file. 2. Set the form s HelpButton property to True. 3. Set the form s MaximizeBox and MinimizeBox properties to False. 4. Set the HelpString on HelpProvider1 property to some informational text on each control that will display its own pop-up help. The user displays pop-up help by first clicking on the question-mark help button in the form s title bar, and then clicking on a control.
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[javac] File to be compiled: /home/ant/Projects/firstbuild/Main.java [echo] compilation complete! BUILD SUCCESSFUL
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<property environment="env"/>
Implements IActionFilter, IAutoActionFilter
Label name
Even though the ASP.NET MVC Framework is focused on the presentation layer, many developers work on small applications that don t need several layers of business logic and separation between the presentation layer and the data store. For these small applications, simple separation patterns may be appropriate, but many small applications grow much larger than originally anticipated. When this happens, separation of concerns is critical to the long-term maintainability of the software. To achieve separation of concerns when communicating with a relational database, we can use an object-relational mapping tool such as the popular open source NHibernate project. NHibernate makes data access with relational databases trivial. As with anything new, a learning curve is associated with understanding the method of configuring the mapping between objects and tables. This chapter demonstrates
Another feature that reference type array elements have in common with reference type variables and arguments is support for polymorphism. As you saw in 4, a variable declared as some particular reference type can refer to any object of that type, or of any type derived from the variable s declared type. This works for arrays too using the examples from 4, if an array s type is FirefighterBase[], each element could refer to a Firefighter, or TraineeFirefighter, or anything else that derives from FirefighterBase. (And each element is allowed to refer to an object of a different type, as long as the objects are all compatible with the element type.) Likewise, you can declare an array of any interface type for example, INamedPerson[], in which case each element can refer to any object of any type that implements that interface. Taking this to extremes, an array of type object[] has elements that can refer to any object of any reference type, or any boxed value. As you will remember from 3, the alternative to a reference type is a value type. With value types, each variable holds its own copy of the value, rather than a reference to some potentially shared object. As you would expect, this behavior carries over to arrays when the element type is a value type. Consider the array shown in Example 7-12.
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