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Updating the AppWidget
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Listing 6.8 An example of a class that sets the value of a table cell
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19.1.2 Looking at the NDK
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Example 3-1 initializes the variable myInt to the value 7, displays that value, reassigns the variable with the value 5, and displays it again.
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Listing 9.4
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Ice Storm Story Philadelphia Story Story 2 Nun's Story
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10.2.3 Building Toolkit extenders: the TextChanged extender
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Well-designed interfaces are crucial to success in the EJB architecture. EJB components break down into three fundamental parts:
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View, Transition, Reverse
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Figure 10.3 Playing an MP4 video in the Android emulator
Bitter choices
UpdateMode property set to Always
Visual Studio offers special project types for writing libraries. Some of these are specific to particular kinds of projects you can write a WPF control library or an activity library for use in a Workflow application, for example. The more specialized library projects provide an appropriate set of references, and offer some templates suitable for the kinds of applications they target, but the basic principles are the same for all libraries. To illustrate the techniques, we ll be using the simplest project: a Class Library project. But before we do that, we need to think about our Visual Studio solution. Solutions allow us to work with multiple related projects, but most of the examples in this book have needed only a single project, so we ve pretty much ignored solutions up to now. But if we want to show a library in action, we ll also need some code that uses that library: we re going to need at least two projects. And since they re connected, we ll want to put them in the same solution. There are various ways you can do that, and depending on exactly how you ve configured Visual Studio, it may or may not hide some of the details from you. But if you want to be in complete control, it s often easiest to start by creating an empty solution and then to add projects one at a time that way, even if you ve configured Visual Studio to hide solutions with simple projects, you ll still be able to see what s happening. To create a new solution, open the New Project dialog in the usual way, and then in the Installed Templates section on the left, expand Other Project Types and select Visual Studio Solutions. This offers a Blank Solution template in the middle of the dialog. In this example, we re going to call our solution AssemblyExample. When you click OK, Visual Studio will create a folder called AssemblyExample, which will contain an AssemblyExample.sln file, but you won t have any projects yet. Right-click on the solution and choose Add New Project from the context menu. This open the Add New Project dialog, which is almost identical to the New Project dialog, except it adds projects to the solution you have open, rather than creating a new one. For the examples in this chapter, we re going to add two projects to the solution, both from templates in the Visual C# Windows section: a Console Application called MyProgram, and a Class Library called MyLibrary. (Create them in that order Visual Studio picks the first one you create as the one to debug when you hit F5. You want that to be the program, because you can t run a library. Although if you were to do it in the other order, you could always right-click on MyProgram and choose Set as Startup Project.) A newly created Class Library project contains a source file, Class1.cs, which defines a rather boring class shown in Example 15-1. Notice that Visual Studio has chosen to follow the convention that the namespace matches the assembly name.
Capturing context using args() Capturing context from another pointcut
WARNING Failure to follow these simple rules will result in clients not being able
Books by Jesse Liberty: Learning C# 3.0, by Jesse Liberty Programming C# 3.0, by Jesse Liberty Programming C#, fourth edition, by Jesse Liberty Books published before 2008: C# 3.0 Cookbook, by Jay Hilyard, 2007 C# 3.0 in a Nutshell, by Ben Albahari, 2007 Head First C#, by Andrew Stellman, 2007 Programming C#, fourth edition, by Jesse Liberty, 2005
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