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Listing 10.11 Skeleton of the animation extender
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Executing this SQL returns a single row with columns containing data from both the events and locations tables. The associations between the Event object and the Attendee and Speaker objects can be more difficult to manage because they involve
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Figure 2.2 A chain of representative ActionBazaar functionality used to quickly examine a cross section of EJB 3. The bidder bids on a desired item, wins the item, orders it, and instantaneously receives confirmation. Parallel with order confirmation, the user is billed for the item. Upon successful receipt of payment, the seller ships the item.
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@Stateless @ExcludeDefaultInterceptors @Interceptors (org.ejb3book.SomeOtherInterceptor.class) @Local(TunerLocalBusiness.class) public class TunerBean implements TunerLocalBusiness { ... }
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List movies = PojoFactory.getMovies(connection, 3); PdfPTable table = new PdfPTable(new float[] { 1, 5, 5, 1}); for (Movie movie : movies) { table.addCell(String.valueOf(movie.getYear())); table.addCell(movie.getMovieTitle()); table.addCell(movie.getOriginalTitle()); Sets page table.addCell(String.valueOf(movie.getDuration())); width } table.setTotalWidth(600); Writes left PdfContentByte canvas = writer.getDirectContent(); half of table table.writeSelectedRows(0, 2, 0, -1, 236, 806, canvas); Writes right document.newPage(); half of table table.writeSelectedRows(2, -1, 0, -1, 36, 806, canvas);
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* via configurable environment entry */ private static String CONNECT_HOST = "localhost"; /** * The port to which we'll connect. * In production systems would typically be externalized * via configurable environment entry. IANA standard * for FTP ports is 21, though this requires root access * on *nix for testing, so we'll use the nonstandard 12345. */ private static int CONNECT_PORT = 12345; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Instance Members --------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * The underlying FTP Client. We don't want its state * getting Serialized during passivation. We'll * reinitialize this client and its connections * upon activation. */ private FTPClient client; /** * Name of the present working directory. In cases where * we're passivated, if this is specified * we'll change into this directory upon activation. */ private String presentWorkingDirectory; //---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Lifecycle Callbacks ------------------------------------------------------|| //---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Called by the container when the instance is about to be passivated or brought * out of service entirely. * * @see org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch06.filetransfer.FileTransferCommonBusiness# disconnect() */ @PrePassivate @PreDestroy @Override public void disconnect() { // Obtain FTP Client final FTPClient client = this.getClient(); // If exists if (client != null) {
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Android vs. the feature phones
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When we needed images in the previous chapters, we used Image.getInstance(), passing the path to an image without considering which type of image we were using. Figure 10.5 shows a document with 12 images. The first nine images were created with the getInstance() method; the last three are special cases. Let s start with the standard types.
As you can see, the != operator will return the opposite of the value of the == operator, which is exactly what you want. This way, if you change your definition of equality, you can change the code in the == operator overload, and the != operator will still return the opposite. Similarly, the less than (<) and greater than (>) operators must be paired, as must the less than or equal to (<=) and greater than or equal to (>=) operators. The Object class (which is the root of every class in C#) offers a virtual method called Equals( ). (We discuss virtual methods in 11.) If you overload the equals operator (==), it is recommended that you also override the Equals( ) method. Overriding the Equals( ) method allows your class to be compatible with other .NET languages that do not overload operators (but do support method overloading). That way, even if you can t use the == operator, you can still use the Equals( ) method to do the same thing. The Object class implements the Equals( ) method with this signature:
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