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Sack is a thin wrapper around XMLHttpRequest. The caller can specify a callback function or a callback DOM object. With a callback DOM, the response text is pushed directly into the DOM.
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and update (INSERT and UPDATE, respectively) are passed to child entities. delete Deletion operations are passed to child entities. delete-orphan All operations are passed to child entities, and objects no longer associated with the parent object are deleted. The cascade element is added to the desired many-to-one or collection element. For example, the following configuration instructs Hibernate to delete the child Speaker elements when the parent Event is deleted:
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The Service Locator pattern is one of the simplest and most useful of J2EE patterns. This pattern hides the complexity of locating remote services, such as EJBs, data sources, message queues, and mail servers. When employed properly, it can also reduce administrative burdens on the application assembler and deployer. The concept behind this pattern is Uses to provide a simple API for obtaining Client Service Object Locator a reference to a service component. This is depicted in figure A.4. For example, a JNDI service locator might Locates provide a simple lookup method for Remote an instance of a particular EJBHome Resource class. While there are numerous steps involved in the JNDI lookup process, Figure A.4 The Service Locator pattern the Ser vice Locator s clients are shielded from the underlying complexity. This is depicted in figure A.5. EJB or Uses JNDI Service JNDI Service JNDI Service JNDI Service JNDI Service JNDI Service JNDI Service JNDI Service JNDI Service JNDI Service JNDI Service JNDI Service JNDI Service JNDI Service dependent The Service Locator can also manLocator Locator Locator Locator Locator Locator Locator Locator Locator Locator Locator Locator Locator Locator object age mappings of identifiers used in the application to resources in the Creates operational environment. For examNamed ple, a Service Locator might contain a JNDI Resource Naming map between an object s class and a (EJB, Message Context Locates Queue, Data Source, etc.) JNDI name in the deployed configuration. This technique is useful for Figure A.5 A JNDI Service Locator centrally managing JNDI configuraimplementation tion information throughout your application, and is demonstrated in the case study in chapter 6.
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Figure A.2
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Installing ASP.NET AJAX
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If you wish to represent a many-to-many association in a relational database, you must introduce a new table, called a link table. This table doesn t appear anywhere in the object model. For our example, if we consider the relationship between a user and the user s billing information to be many-to-many, the link table is defined as follows:
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public class CurrentUserFilter : IActionFilter { private readonly IUserSession _session; public CurrentUserFilter (IUserSession session) { _session = session; } public void OnActionExecuting(ActionExecutingContext filterContext) { ControllerBase controller = filterContext.Controller; User user = _session.GetCurrentUser(); if (user != null) { controller.ViewData.Add(user); } } public void OnActionExecuted(ActionExecutedContext filterContext) { } }
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Mapping more advanced data structures
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BarcodeEANSUPP eanSupp = new BarcodeEANSUPP(codeEAN, codeSUPP); document.add(eanSupp.createImageWithBarcode(cb, null, BaseColor.BLUE));
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To test whether you understand the Prototype pattern, cover the lefthand column of the table below and see if you can identify its players among the items from the illustrative example (using the picture in Figure 3-3), as shown in the righthand column. Then check your answers against the lefthand column.
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Regional data Often, data is stored with a regional code (for example, all business contacts of a sales team). Each salesperson works only on a dataset that covers their region. Temporal data Many enterprise applications need to apply time-based views on data (for example, to see a dataset as it was last week). Hibernate s data filters can provide basic temporal restrictions that help you implement this kind of functionality.
In a startling abuse of the English language, the words sorted and ordered mean different things when it comes to Hibernate persistent collections. A sorted collection is sorted in memory using a Java comparator. An ordered collection is ordered at the database level using an SQL query with an order by clause. Let s make the map of images a sorted map. First, you need to change the initialization of the Java property to a java.util.TreeMap and switch to the java.util.SortedMap interface:
The output looks like this:
Then we merge the two to provide a single object containing all of the required behavior:
Installing the Android SDK
This can then be passed to the JAXB xjc tool to generate a Java object that represents this custom type:
<taskdef name="nested" classname="org.example.antbook.tasks.NestedTask" classpath="${build.dir}" /> <fileset dir="src" excludes="**/*.java" id="non.java.files"/> <nested> <fileset dir="images"> <include name="**/*.gif"/> </fileset> <fileset refid="non.java.files"/> </nested>
listen for text entry and then validate the data entered. An application is constructed to listen for events by implementing a listener interface and realizing methods known as callbacks. Callback methods are special methods that are not usually invoked by the application code directly, but are invoked by the system for a specified event. In the case of the MIDP user interface, a device automatically invokes callback methods each time the user has triggered a particular event for which an application listens. As part of the tutorial application in this chapter, we developed a user interface without reacting to any user interactions other than the selection and starting of the application. In fact, the user interface did not even let the users exit the application gracefully. Users had to turn the device off in order to leave the application. This is probably not the type of functionality customers enjoy. In this section, we correct this problem and provide a more graceful means to exit the application as well as handle other customer interactions with the application. Under the MID profile there are two means of event handling. Corresponding to the MIDP s high-level and low-level user interface, there is both a high-level and lowlevel event API. The high-level events and event handling mechanisms are more abstract and are meant to address the general needs of more traditional business applications. Low-level events and event handling, on the other hand, are provided to capture and handle primitive events from specific keys being pressed and released or from a pointer being pressed or dragged (provided the device has a pointer). As with the high-level and low-level UI APIs, the high-level events are considered more portable to different devices running the MID profile. Alternately, the low-level event API allows for capturing and handling of very specific events, which makes activity in gaming applications possible, but these events may be more specific to a particular device and thus less portable. Using the term low-level in describing the MIDP s alternate event handling mechanism is also a little misleading. In fact, the MIDP UI is relatively abstract in that it does not allow applications to have access to very low-level user interactions such as traversing a form from item to item or form scrolling.
The <_hibernate_class> value is Furniture. The <name> field is marked as <not available> since Animal does not contain this field. The <color> field is available in this document, and its value is dark blue. This is the document we are looking for because <color> contains the term blue.
<select id="getAllXml" resultClass="xml" xmlResultName="account"> select accountId, username, password, firstName, lastName, address1, address2, city,
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