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Targets 16. Use consistent target names. Standard target names keep a build file understandable over time and by new developers. In a project with separate subprojects, each with its own build file, it is important to keep the names consistent between projects, not just for the benefit of programmers but for any master build mechanism. Well-known Ant targets provide a walk up and use experience. Table D.1 details several commonly used targets and their purposes.
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< xml version="1.0" > <!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy SYSTEM ""> <cross-domain-policy> <allow-access-from domain="*" /> Allows access </cross-domain-policy>
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Because size types, materials, and personage Get product details types are sets of data that are both independent of each other and independent of the Get size types returned product details, you could use asynchronous calls instead. Retrieving the data Get materials from the Table service asynchronously means Get personage types you don t have to wait for one set of data to be returned before retrieving the next set. Render page Figure 14.4 shows the same call sequence as in figure 14.3, but this time using asynFigure 14.4 Asynchronous call sequence chronous calls. As you can see in figure 14.4, you no longer have to wait for data to be returned before you process the next statement. Once all the data is returned, you can render the page.
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This definition declares that the Event class has a property named speakers, and that it s a Set containing instances of the Speaker class. The Event class has the corresponding property:
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9.1 Introducing the EntityManager
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instance is configured with the ResultTransformer object. Two ResultTransformer objects that are quite useful are provided by Hibernate out of the box:
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The XSLT filtering process We begin our XSLT example by developing the filter that will manage the stylesheet selection and XSLT transformation process. Here is an overview of how the filter works:
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The APIFileReader class implements only one other method, Read(), which invokes ReadFile(). It passes in the file handle created in the class constructor, along with a pointer into a buffer, a count of bytes to retrieve, and a reference to a variable that will hold the number of bytes read. It is the pointer to the buffer that is of interest to us here. To invoke this API call, you must use a pointer. Because you will access it with a pointer, the buffer needs to be pinned in memory; we ve given ReadFile a pointer to our buffer, so we can t allow the .NET Framework to move that buffer during garbage collection until ReadFile is finished. (Normally, the garbage collector is forever moving items around to make more efficient use of memory.) To accomplish this, we use the C# fixed keyword. fixed allows you to get a pointer to the memory used by the buffer, and to mark that instance so that the garbage collector won t move it.
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Android s development environment
package auction.beans; import ...;
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