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Section 5.2.1
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You can attach a PhoneStateListener event listener to the phone by using the manager. Attaching a PhoneStateListener makes your applications aware of when the phone gains and loses service, and when calls start, continue, or end. Next, we ll examine several parts of the TelephonyExplorer example application to look at both these classes. We ll start by obtaining a TelephonyManager instance and using it to query useful telephony information.
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Look at the resultset of that query, shown in figure 13.6. This resultset contains lots of redundant data. Item 1 has three bids and two images, item 2 has one bid and one image, and item 3 has no bids and no images. The size of the product depends on the size of the collections you re retrieving: 3 times 2, 1 times 1, plus 1, total 8 result rows. Now imagine that you have 1,000
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<path id="xdoclet.classpath"> <pathelement location="${xdoclet.jar}"/> <pathelement location="${log4j.jar}"/> <!-- javadoc is needed --> <pathelement path="${java.class.path}"/> <path refid="test.classpath"/> </path> <taskdef name="document" classname="xdoclet.doc.DocumentDocletTask" classpathref="xdoclet.classpath"/> <taskdef name="xdoclet" classname="xdoclet.DocletTask" classpath="${xdoclet.jar}"/> <path id="checkstyle.classpath"> <pathelement location="${checkstyle.jar}"/> </path> <taskdef name="checkstyle" classname="com.puppycrawl.tools.checkstyle.CheckStyleTask" classpathref="checkstyle.classpath"/>
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Table 8.2 Profiling results for DOM node creation Number of Page Layouts 641 1 Execution Time (ms) 681 461
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W3C 508, 567 WAI 508 WAR file 286, 298 watermark 5, 152 153, 175, 505 adding to existing PDF 169, 177 stationery 169 WCAG 508, 567 Web Accessibility Initiative. See WAI web applications 5, 283 315 submit data to server 293 298 timeout 290 troubleshooting 286 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. See WCAG web server 284 web.xml 285 webapp problems client-side 288 291 server-side 286 288 widget annotation 232, 237 238, 250, 555 interactive features 226 properties 248 triggering popup 229 widgets per field 449 width barcode 337 cell border width 106 glyph 371 Image 54 line width 460
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You re now ready to begin experimenting with the bridge technology. Let s put together an example that communicates with a well-known site, Flickr, to query and display photos from users around the globe. Bridging to Flickr Flickr offers a wealth of options for how you can format requests and consequently retrieve responses. Some of the request formats include REST, XML-RPC, and SOAP. Response formats consist of REST, PHP, JSON, SOAP, and others. You can find a summary of these services and formats, and a good starting point for learning about Flickr services, at http://www.flickr.com/services/api/. For this example, you re interested in performing a search against the photos on the site. To keep things simple, you ll use the REST option, which is available at http://api.flickr.com/services/rest/. Remember, REST services typically provide a flexible interface that lets you append details about the request to the URL. For instance, a search for photos tagged with the keyword ajax might look like this:
20.1 The hierarchy of the internet
Graphics: Quartz, Core Animation, and OpenGL
Again, this is the XAML equivalent of writing:
Figure 6.4 The results of an asynchronous postback invoked from the first UpdatePanel. The second UpdatePanel isn t updated because its UpdateMode is set to Conditional and none of its conditions have been met.
Figure 8.6 The filesaver application with the keyboard activated on both the iPhone and the iPad
Console.WriteLine("Processing document 1"); DocumentProcessor.Process(doc1); Console.WriteLine(); Console.WriteLine("Processing document 2"); DocumentProcessor.Process(doc2); } Console.ReadKey();
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