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Notice that we ve chosen to call this DirectionOfApproach, and not the plural DirectionsOfApproach. By convention, we give enum types a singular name even though they usually contain a list. This makes sense because when you use named entries from an enumeration, you use them one at a time, and so it would look odd if the type name were plural. Obviously, there won t be any technical consequences for breaking this convention, but following it helps make your code consistent with the .NET Framework class libraries.
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#import "RootViewController.h" #import "WallpaperViewController.h" @implementation RootViewController @synthesize transactionHistory; - (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad];
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Error or bug in JSP page
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This appendix covers
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11.1.4 Type descriptors
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A number of different algorithms are available in the framework, with various strengths and weaknesses. In general, they also have a number of different configuration options, the defaults for which can vary between versions of the .NET Framework and even versions of the operating system on which the framework is deployed. To be successful, you re going to have to ensure that you match not just the key and the IV, but also the choice of algorithm and all its options. In general, you should carefully set everything up by hand, and avoid relying on the defaults (unlike this example, which, remember, is here to illustrate streams).
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performance counters in code, and viewing these vital statistics periodically to keep an eye peeled for signs that errors are occurring. Typical use
Running a healthy service in the cloud
JMS is a vendor-neutral API that can be used to access enterprise messaging systems. Enterprise messaging systems (aka message-oriented middleware) facilitate the exchange of messages between software applications, usually over a network. The role of JMS isn t unlike the role of JDBC; just as JDBC provides a common API for accessing many different relational databases, JMS provides vendor-independent access to enterprise messaging systems. Although messaging products aren t as familiar as database products, there s no shortage of messaging systems that support JMS, including OpenJMS, HornetQ, ActiveMQ, Qpid, and SonicMQ. Software applications that use the JMS API for sending or receiving messages are portable from one JMS vendor to another. Applications that use JMS are called JMS clients, and the messaging system that handles routing and delivery of messages is called the JMS provider. A JMS application is a business system composed of many JMS clients and, generally, one JMS provider. A JMS client that sends a message is called a producer, and a client that receives a message is called a consumer. A single JMS client can be both a producer and a consumer. In EJB, enterprise beans of all types can use JMS to send messages. These are later consumed by other applications or by message-driven beans. JMS facilitates sending messages from enterprise beans using a messaging service, sometimes called a message
Media query based on screen size
SQL joins are inner joins by default. Writing join statements is the same as writing inner join statements.
box. Show All Term Docs transfers you to the Search tab (we ll talk about that shortly) and automatically inserts a search based on the Field and Text data in D. Let s move on to the next tab in Luke, the Documents tab. This is shown in figure 2.6.
The Table service, a whole different entity
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